Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) CEO Satya Nadella Embracing Change

microsoft corporation Google Inc Nadella

Microsoft Corporation CEO Satya Nadella is back with his July 2014 message of “bold ambition” to set up the firm as a productivity hub. The pivot was the key that held the firm divest its image as a dying giant to embrace the changes going on in tech. The top rated CEO, while speaking at the start of a two-day summit in Mumbai, India says more people and firms are moving from software loaded to internet-based work.

microsoft corporation Google Inc Nadella

The fact that people don’t load up software as work gets done in cloud-based platforms is the reason Microsoft’s Office 365 has been a big hit. The cloud model rakes in the big bucks for Microsoft and Google. Many firms are now moving their works to the cloud and Microsoft, and its software tools such as Office 365 remain the preferred choice.

Cortana takes Productivity to another level

As the firm gets back on its productivity ride, it has Cortana, a bold, perky, bubbly, proactive and contextually aware digital assistance that might send Apple’s Siri to an early grave. The best part is that you have full control of what she knows and how she can be of help via an editable ‘notebook’. Cortana has proved to be quite helpful and she does a great job at looking up traffic delays to advise on the best time to leave and the route to use.

Microsoft issued a blog post on how people can opt-in to help it test Cortana on an iOS gadget such as iPads and iPhones. For now, she works on Windows 10 and Android. Beta testers can sign up here by saying how often they used her, their type of iOS gadget and the current version of iOS installed on their device.

The cross platform nature of Cortana is the key feature that will give her an edge over Apple’s Siri and Google’s Android. Cortana is touted as being more driven than Siri and Now. She can run schedules; give sports score, give weather updates and much more she is the real deal in digital helps.

Microsoft Mission Statement underscore its recent actions

The recent changes going on at the Richmond firm are hinged on its new mission statements – “to create a family of devices and services for” and “to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”.

The firm has been keen on the latter and acted out the mission to equip astronauts with its HoloLens headsets for space missions. In June, Microsoft and NASA created Sidekick, which is a new tech that will use AR tech to aid astronauts in the ISS.


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