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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Brings Xbox to Call Center Sales

Microsoft Corporation Minecraft

Microsoft Corporation wants to make call centers across the globe work more like Xbox games, and it has jut spent millions in order to make that dream a reality. On Monday it was revealed that the Redmond, Washington firm had splashed out on Incent Games. The firm makes software that appeals to the arcade player in sales people.

Incent makes FantasySalesTeam, “gamification” software that makes goals inside the office more like those on the Xbox One. The tool has proven results in sales teams, and Microsoft is looking to make it part of its CRM software.

Microsoft brings the Xbox to sales

In one test with the software Service Corporation International saw a sales increase of 88 percent in a team that used FantasySalesTeam compared to a team that used more traditional sales incentives. Contract value was also higher in the team that used the software, and was more than double the average contract for the firm.

Microsoft said, in a statement on the buyout, that Incent “takes a wholly fresh look at age old challenges and delivers a unique, original and innovative answer.” Microsoft has put a lot of money into gaming, and it’s got very little in return.

FantasySalesTeam works like Fantasy Football, allowing teams to be drafted based on performance. This makes members of the team more invested in each others success, and more interested in which member of the team are contsant poor-performers.

The new focus on games in the office might be a way to use the know-how the firm has built up in the gaming world in order to make a profit. It’s not clear if that’s going to happen, however.

Satya Nadella’s firm has turned its back on the Xbox division in many ways, but there may be some overlap between the segment and the firm’s new project. Redmond has hundreds of game experts on the payroll and right now they’re not doing much to help the firm make a profit.

Microsoft gets out of games, and into the office

It’s clear that the Xbox One is likely to be a net loss for Microsoft Corporation , and the firm is no longer supplying it with huge amounts of money it would need to catch up in the console market. Instead Microsoft is focusing, as those with shares want, on increasing sales of software for the office.

Gamification may be the new keyword behind the Microsoft push into a sphere long ruled by Salesforce.com and other firms, but it doesn’t seem that those working on the Xbox One, despite their knowledge of games, are invited.

It’s not clear where Xbox stands in the future of Microsoft. In its 10 K filing for 2015 the firm laid out three parts to its vision in the years ahead. Those were:

  1. Reinvent productivity and business processes.
  2. Build the intelligent cloud platform.
  3. Create more personal computing.
The gamification of its Dynamics CRM falls under the first point, but the Xbox One doesn’t fit under any of them.
Speculation that Microsoft is going to sell its gaming division has been seen again and again. With gaming now central to the firm’s hunt for office licenses, perhaps the segment will simply dissolve among the rest of the firm’s businesses instead of being sold outright.
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