Global Artificial Intelligence? Microsoft Squeezes Cloud For All it’s Worth

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Cloud services from simple storage to online service tools are set to play a massive role in people’s lives. They are the future of every business and household. This is exactly the market that Microsoft Corporation is set on dominating. Next month, we also get to see the Windows maker wow the masses with a few exciting revelations.

According to sources, the upcoming Microsoft event will have the company bolster its position as a formidable remote services vendor. New cloud-based software and gadgets will be shared in a little over a week. Not much is known about what to expect. Although, reports are adamant that Microsoft is geared to drop a new rival to the Google Chomebook’s.

When it comes to OSs and user interfaces, the US tech firm is nowhere near out of its depths. May will see Microsoft unleash yet another Windows operating system. If rumors are anything to go by, New York City is where the public will see the release of Windows 10 Cloud. Along with it, the very hardware which can be used to make the most of the incoming platform.

However, Microsoft is about the cloud

Satya Nadella rose to be the current CEO by pushing Microsoft’s cloud computing divisions to the fore. Under his guidance, the makers of Windows covered a lot of ground in the markets of remote storage and computing services. They now stand as a formidable rival in the race to secure first place in global cloud and AI solutions.

“There [only] are a few companies that are at the cutting-edge of AI, Nadella tells the AFR last year “in whichever way you look at it.” The MSFT boss strongly believes that his company makes that cut. Microsoft under Nadella is focused not so much on building consumer hardware as it is in creating software for hardware users. The company a growing interest in raking in mobile cloud service subscriptions.

Microsoft is also reported to have sent the fixed laptop into production two months ago. The gadget could be released within the next few weeks.

To know exactly what Microsoft is cooking up, we’ll have wait for May 2nd. Everyone’s biggest bet is cloud products, but mum’s the word from the company. Google might want to watch out though. The web-giant’s Chromebook devices are said to be getting new Windows-based rivals. The additions are sure to consolidate the company’s growing appeal as a hardware maker.

The hashtag for the event is #MICROSOFTEDU. Education is the crux of May’s unveil day and therein lies Microsoft’s biggest hint. The Chromebooks from Google got a powerful reaction in the education segment. They are often plugged as the most ideal student and learner companions.


It is with great luck that our friends at Windows Central managed to get their hands on a Microsoft document which details the requirements to make use of its incoming platform. As cloud-focused software, fans can bet their bottom dollar Windows 10 Cloud will be intensely reliant on network connectivity. This is known to be the greatest battery drainer on most modern gadgets. The new Windows platform insists on products that can stay alive for more than 10 hours at the least.

Other specs include speedy eMMC or SSD for data storage along with 32GB or 64GB for 64-bit usage. Devices will need be equipped with at least 4GB of RAM as well. A quad-core processor will do, meaning a Celeron or better will make the cut. And lastly, the use of a stylus and touch screen can prove beneficial, although this is only optional

One way that Microsoft will ensure power saving on its hardware is with an incoming power-throttling feature the company is reportedly working on. It’s set to arrive in September, along with the next major Windows 10 update.

There has been a slow down in the decent of the PC market. It is said items like the Chromebooks have played a major role in that regard. As company set on cloud service domination, one can be sure Microsoft Corporation will want a stake every growing cloud segment. One need only look at Microsoft’s acquisition interests to see where the company has its head at right now.

The rise of cloud

It is not hard to see how society’s growing dependence on the internet makes convenient online storage and service solutions a gold mine industry. The cloud scene is saturated with competitors offering internet-enabled products, teaming with budding rivals offering that which you need from wherever you feel best to access it.

Adopting smaller yet promising rivals is a sure way to grow expertise and consumer bases while eliminating the competition. Such moves are not uncommon when it comes to cloud services either, and Thursday morning saw word about Microsoft’s latest bid to bolster Azure.

Cloudyn is a start-up that makes headway in the realm of cloud services. It was founded and operates primarily from Tel Aviv. Cloudyn makes its mark in the remote services segment by analyzing and optimizing the cloud storage. It can also monitor cloud services used by companies across a wide range of vendors. The firm offers an analytic edge that is growing in popularity and Microsoft is alleged to want this Israeli start-up as its own.

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