Microsoft Corporation, Apple Inc. Make Big Flagship Tech Changes

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Microsoft Corporation is doing away with the old and bringing in the new. The company has been paying special attention to its gaming business lately. This means more attention to gamers’ demands, and a few more treats every now and then. Keeping up with this spirit, the Xbox One just got a massive design overhaul.

Indeed, Xbox One gamers now get new visuals to navigate through. Not too long ago, the company laid out a few guidelines with its Fluent Designs principles. These were launched at the company’s last Builder event and it seems they weren’t just a figurehead submission.

New Microsoft Xbox One software kicks in

In a nutshell, Fluent Designs was something Microsoft launched to keep things fresh throughout all its major platforms. It covers the software designs of the Xbox, Windows 10 products and other items like Skype and LinkedIn.


The idea is to keep all the Microsoft UI and software visuals updates, as well as visually appealing. This is done by focusing on five different visaul elements. Namely, these are  “Light,” “Depth,” “Motion,” “Material,” and “Scale”. Those who should be happiest about the guidelines are Xbox users, who have the most to gain from awesome visuals.

The company’s efforts to add a little more consistency to themes across all platforms have not gone unnoticed. This latest UI update reiterates that. The new user interface on the Xbox hints at the Windows 10 platform.

Icons and menus are a lot more block-shaped than before. There is also a bit focus on little more icon transparency and navigation, which is a lot more Windows-like than before. However, the redesign touches on much more than just looks. It paves entry of the Xbox’s new software overhaul, something Microsoft has been teasing for some time now.

Microsoft Corporation claims that the changes put a focus on customization, speed and user experience. The aim is not just to make things seamless, but customizable too. This makes the Xbox plaform much more tailored to individual users.

The changed “Home” menu will see a massive evolution over time as well, the company states. This will be based on the activity and experences of the player. For instance, pinning a game to the home screen might add useful feed updates from the game’s developers.

Users can also get easy notifications about when friends are playing that game online and jump in. Your progress level, and suggest your next achievement in the game.

Microsoft also added that the Community and Xbox Guide sections are getting revamped too. Over the next several months, Fluent Designs will touch on every Microsoft Corporation platform. “This is just the beginning,” the company teases. Changes only effect Xbox Insiders and Alpha Ringer members for now.

Apple Inc expects new changes too

In other news, Apple Inc. will tell you, bigger is always better. When the company rolled out bigger iPhones with greater screen sizes, adoption went up like nobody’s business. It was the birth of what Tim Cook and his company now call the “super cycle”. In essence, this gives the company a bit of breather, allowing it to release only a moderately upgraded handset the year after a next generation iPhone.

This works well for the premium gadget company and its adoption rates. Apple discovered that the average rate at which people upgrade their iPhones is two years. So, the S upgrades came around, alleviating the need for  drastically enhanced, all-new gadgets.

It worked a bit too well though. As it turns out, the company has trouble outdoing the adoption of its sixth generation iPhones. There was very little doubt about a sales ceiling for the premium gadgets. However, Apple — ever the overachiever — managed to find one anyway.

The last two Apple phone releases, iPhone 6S and 7, failed to surpass the sales of their predecessors. They didn’t even match them. The sales Apple Inc iPhones have been on the decline, but the incoming upgrades could change all of that. Take a look.

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