Israeli Army Using Microsoft (MSFT) HoloLens on Battlefield

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

The Israeli Army is using Microsoft Corporation HoloLens glasses for military purposes, according to a report published in Bloomberg. The army’s C2 Systems Department has purchased two HoloLens virtual reality headsets to help improve battlefield strategy and train field personnel. Major Rotem Bashi, who leads the programming department, is looking to use HoloLens in the field within months.

Microsoft (MSFT) HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

The company opened up the HoloLens to all developers earlier this month. The HoloLens headset is avalibale at 3,000. The set includes a clicker for selecting and scrolling during interactive scenarios; a carrying case; a microfiber cloth; a charger; and a Micro USB cable, Digital Trends reported.

Microsoft wants to become a leader in the augmented reality market with HoloLens. The company’s initial focus with HoloLens is mainly on corporate and academic uses – from medical schools to architectural firms. In March, the company started shipping orders for the $3,000 developer edition of the goggles.

Microsoft Corporation also offers HoloLens Commercial Suite, which includes the Development Edition hardware as well as enterprise features for added security and device management. The commercial suite features: Kiosk mode; Mobile Device Management (MDM) for HoloLens; Windows Update for Business; Data security; and Windows Store for Business.

“Since we started shipping Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition in March of this year, we’ve seen an incredible response from developers and stunning innovation in a variety of use cases ranging from airlines training their mechanics and flight crews, to medical students learning anatomy in a new way, to astronauts exploring Mars,” the company said in a news release.

Israel Army

The Israeli Army is working to use HoloLens for militarily use. “We connect all kinds of technologies and innovative concepts that come from the civilian world and try to adapt them as quickly as possible to military use,” Major Bashi said.

Bashi’s team, at the army based outside Tel Aviv, includes software developers who were able to create a software program in less than a month. That program is designed to allow commanders to manipulate military terrain models and intelligence data to monitor troop positioning from enemy vantage points.

According to the Bloomberg reports, “battlefield maps are superimposed on top of the real terrain, streamed in via satellite, to create a blend that can be interacted with via sight, voice and hand gestures.”

The Israeli army’s C2 Systems Department is looking for ways to allow HoloLens-wearing medics to operate on wounded with simultaneous instruction from trained surgeons, and combat soldiers to fix equipment malfunctions.

Moreover, Bashi’s team wants to build an application that will allow headquarters to get an online report about a combatant’s physiological state in the field. They are also looking to develop new ways to use the HoloLens platform; streamlining security checks at roadblocks by installing face recognition software; controlling robots and drones through gesture.

In other Microsoft Corporation news, a new study found that the company’s employees more innovative than Apple. In addition the U.S. software giant expected to launch the Xbox One, a newer, slimmer, and generally much better sibling, in 2017.

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