Is Walmart’s New Policy Enough to Keep Guns under Control?

The retail giant Walmart now has a new policy for gun control that will discourage its patrons from carrying firearms within their stores. However, the policy depends extensively on signage.

Is Walmart doing enough?

Walmart has taken a welcome step to ensure that its customers don’t carry guns within its premises. However, its new policy suggests that the employees at the stores will not confront the gun owner. Additionally, it will focus extensively on signage to discourage firearms in the stores.

Is Walmart’s New Policy Enough to Keep Guns under Control?

Some people familiar with the matter have said that the company will not bother people who are carrying firearms in their stores. Instead, they would just let them go around and do their business without requiring employees to explicitly confront them about the same. However, this would only be allowed if other people at the store don’t feel uncomfortable. If people do not feel safe or feel disturbed because of the firearm, they will tell the employees who are not supposed to act immediately. Instead, they will talk to their manager.

It will then be up to the manager’s discretion to ask the person to remove guns from the store or alert law enforcement, depending on the severity of the situation.

The policy demands debate

Though the details of the policy haven’t been fully disclosed, they will cause some uproar and debate in the US. The new policy begs the question- should businesses be proactively engaged in discouraging the carrying of firearms in public places. The most recent and devastating mass shooting events took place in a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas. The shooting result in 22 fatalities.

Earlier employees were worried that they would have to directly confront armed patrons, but now they are relieved that they don’t have to do the same. Walmart was earlier praised but will now have to bear the wrath of gun-control advocates who believe that the company isn’t doing anything to stop the carrying of firearms in its 4,700 stores across the US.

Walmart is trying to follow in the footsteps of Target and Starbucks that have open-carry rules and depend mostly on employee discretion to judge whether a person should be asked to leave their premises. Earlier this week, Walmart CEO Doug McMillion said that the company would stop selling certain types of ammunition within its stores. He said at the time that the company would continue to respect its law-abiding customers and adopt a non-confrontational approach towards them.

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