iPhone 8 Release Date Coming September 12th. Where Are The Specs?

Apple iPhone 8 Mockup 1

iPhone 8 rumors are lighting up the internet as tech fans wait for the device with bated breath. Apple Inc. , as always is going to keep us in anxious suspense. This year, however, things are a little bit different.

We have a very strong idea of the iPhone 8 release date, and the specs of the device have appeared in multiple leaks over the last few weeks. Here’s a run down of what we know about the next big thing from Cupertino, so you can make up your mind.

iPhone 8 release date creeps closer

The iPhone 8 release date can be assumed to be September 12th. This is a very strong candidate because Apple Inc. has a clear pattern when releasing the device. Last year the iPhone 7 was announced on September 7. The iPhone 6S was revealed for the first time on September 9.

Apple likes to set these launches on a Wednesday, and it likes them to be in the early part of September. This allows the firm time to stock stores in preparation for the beginning of sales before the end of the month. This year the firm really has only two dates to choose from that meet those attributes. It can either set the iPhone 8 launch for September 5th or for September 12th. Given the issues with the iPhone 8 specs this year, the later date is the better bet.

Earlier in the Summer there was speculation that the iPhone 8 release date would be canceled and possibly set back until 2018. We now know, because of information supplied by Apple, that we should expect the phone this year.

That’s because Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook estimated that sales would be very high in the three months through September. The boffins on Wall Street decoded this as confirmation of a release date in September. Given the firm’s previous history, and assuming a launch date of September 12th, we’re expecting the actual iPhone 8 release date i.e. when it’s on store shelves, to be around September 22nd.

This might not be the real iPhone 8 release date

There is a problem with the September 12 launch. We don’t really know if there will be enough units of the device to satisfy demand. That’s because there’s a lot of rumors about delays in the iPhone 8 coming from the OLED screen and the Touch ID fingerprint technology.

The iPhone 8 will be, at least technically, on sale on Friday September 22 if the firm follows its pattern of previous years. Because we don’t know if there’ll be big limits on supply, don’t expect to get your hands on it straight away. There might be a hefty waiting period before it’s available to everyone.

iPhone 8 design looks beautiful

Luckily for us, the iPhone 8 design looks ready to blow all other phones out of the water. There have been a lot of leaks of the device, including some from Apple Inc. itself. Those leaks have allowed all sorts of talented artists to render images of what the device will look like.

There’s also fast food companies that accidentally use those renders in their ads. Here’s what the iPhone 8 design will look like courtesy of McDonald’s.

Apple Inc. iPhone 8 leak McDonald's
iPhone 8 McDonald’s ad. H/T Benjamin Geskin on Twitter.

The device is going to feature an edge-to-edge screen that also runs from top to bottom. There will be no space for a home button, or any other feature on the front of the device. It’s going to be all screen except for the spot with the camera at the top of the device. That’s the “notch” or “island” and it contains all of the sensors you’ll need.

In terms of the iPhone 8 design that’s the only real controversial part. Some people are actually quite angry about the design. They’re hoping Apple Inc. manages to change it to a full screen phone sooner rather than later.

iPhone 8 specs will blow you away

Now down to the nitty gritty. The iPhone 8 specs, revealed in a huge number of leaks, show off a top class phone. There’s two major categories of iPhone 8 features. The first is the boring stuff, numbers, measurements etc. The second is the list of new tech that will surely blow you away. most of this list comes from leaks stalwart Ming Chi Kuo. His work on iPhone 8 specs is the best out there

The boring stuff

Storage: 64GB and 256GB

Screen: 5.8 inch edge-to-edge OLED


Camera: Dual lens, 3D camera.

Colors: We’re getting three options this time around reportedly. They’ll be Black, White and Blush Gold.

iPhone 8 features that will blow you away

Face ID: Instead of laboriously needing to put your finger on your phone, the iPhone 8 features Face ID. That will allow you to unlock your phone simply by looking at it. That means the same level of security as you currently have, but you’re going to

Augmented Reality: The iPhone 8 specs sheet appears to include a special chip just for AR usage. These applications, driven by the Apple ARKit, are going to be the coolest new software on the device. Imagine a phone designed to deliver experiences like Pokemon Go, and legions of developers rearing to start making them.

Virtual Home Button: There won’t be any room for a hardware Home button, so instead Apple Inc. is giving us a reactive virtual version of the home button. It will only be there when you need it, and it will disappear when it’s not called for. That could be the biggest change we’ve seen in the iPhone interface since it was launched.

Wireless charging: You’re going to have to buy a separate plate charger, but it will be worth it to avoid plugging in all the time. The next smartphone from Cupertino is going to finally include induction charging. That’s a huge change, and one that’s going to make having a full charge that much easier.

Will you buy iPhone 8 on launch?

This year, more than any other, we have a huge amount of information on the iPhone 8 specs before the release date. It is soon going to be time to make up your mind. If you’re lucky, and there’s enough of them on shelves, you can get your hands on an iPhone 8 some time around September 22nd.

All you have to do is weigh up the pros and cons. When you reach for your wallet, however, be careful. Tim Cook isn’t messing around with this new release. Rumors suggest that it could cost more than $1,000 for the base model. We’ll have to see what the damage is, and whether it’s worth it once launch day arrives.

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