iPhone 8 Price Story Gets Even More Complicated

Apple Inc. iPhone 8 leak McDonald's
Apple Inc. iPhone 8 leak McDonald's
iPhone 8 McDonald’s ad. H/T Benjamin Geskin on Twitter.

Apple Inc. is apparently having a lot of headaches as it tries to get the iPhone 8 into production. After a disappointing year, the firm’s reputation relies on it producing something incredible in 2017. The big problem is that it might decide to charge a whole lot more for it. The rumors around the iPhone 8 price suggest that it will cost more than $1,000. After a recent iPhone 7S leak, that looks a whole lot worse.

Sales of the Cupertino smartphone range actually fell last year after the firm refused to change the design for a third year running. If the most recent leaks from the iPhone 7S are right, it’s going to go a fourth year of keeping the design unchanged.

Denying a new visual appeal to anybody who won’t pay $1,000+ for a new phone seems problematic on its face, and Apple may be about to suffer the consequences.

iPhone 7S design won’t change say leaks

Over at Techno Buffalo, the team managed to uncover a leaked render of the iPhone 7S design. The render shows off exactly what those still clutching an iPhone 6 will be dreading. The next big release from Apple will look about the same as the firm’s 2014 smartphone. That’s going to be a major blow for those hoping this would be their year to upgrade.

The leak, which came to the outlet in a series of CAD files outlining the shape and measurements of the iPhone 7S, was apparently from someone close to the manufacturing process. The iPhone 7S appears to be absolutely the same as last year’s release. The phone doesn’t even have a dual camera, a speculated design change.

That feature will instead, as in the “7” generation, be held by the larger iPhone 7S Plus. All around, there’s nothing really surprising about the device. We still don’t know exactly what sort of changes Apple is going to make internally, and those might make it worthwhile, but for now there appears little enough to tease fans away from their 2016 Apple Inc. phone.

Unfortunately it looks like most of the new tech this year is going into the iPhone 8 specs. The hype is going, without a doubt, to be in favor of that phone. What will matter is value for money, and the iPhone 8 price could be a very sore spot for buyers.

iPhone 8 price is going up

We’ve had so many iPhone 8 leaks this year that it’s hard to know what to do with them. One thing we’ve not got much information about, however, is the iPhone 8 price. According to rumors it’s going to be a whole lot more expensive than the base device right now. We don’t know where exactly the price point will land, however.

On the low end we’ve heard the iPhone 8 price could sit at $850 according to Steven Milunovich from UBS. That would give it plenty of overlap with the devices currently on the market. For that reason, it seems unlikely to be a choice Tim Cook would make.

On the other hand Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies reckons the device could cost as much as $1,400. What’s more, he reckons the device will fly off of the shelves at that price.

The iPhone 8 price story gets even more complicated when it comes to carriers. According to Jeffrey Kvaal from Nomura-Instinet carriers will be offering aggressive up front discounts in order to spur demand. That could make the different in shifting people from being iffy on the iPhone 7S, to being straight up iPhone 8 converts.

Apple Inc. will surely have done its research on this problem, but there are certainly risks involved. If the iPhone 8 price ends up above what most iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S holders are willing to pay, some might look for a phone with a new design. There’s also bound to be some portion that decide to wait it out, sure that next year will bring what they’re looking for.

What these iPhone 7S leaks show, assuming they’re true, is that after all of its research Apple Inc. is charging right into this gulch. The firm’s December quarter financials are going to be an interesting sight.

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