Intel Corporation (INTC) Searches For Its AI Superpower

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) is setting itself a new goal . Working tirelessly to forge the future of modern computing, the technology industry immerses itself in AI developments. Indeed, the future of modern computing lies with artificial intelligence. Few more aware of this than Intel.

Consider the efforts of online and cloud giants like Google and Amazon. Consider the AI accolades of chipmakers NVIDIA and Intel. Heck, even automakers like Tesla have a hand in the planet’s foremost AI developments. Every major corporation and its dog is investing in them, keen on bringing tomorrow’s intelligent solutions to consumers today.

Today, Learnbonds considers Intel Corporation. The chipmaker’s name remains synonymous with “processor”, more or less, although some argue that won’t last too long. Ignoring the speculation, Intel wades deeper into the AI pool. The company overlooks all else in a bid to secure first place in the AI arena.

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) is set on fast-tracking its transition from a PC-focused company to a cloud superpower, a key part of several billion smart devices worldwide, and the foremost feature in connected computing. CEO Brian Krzanich is adamant that AI embodies all of that. He asserts that it is through this technology that Intel will build its way to the top.

Forging the future begins with a focus on artificial intelligence. There is no need to take my word for it. However, Krzanich most certainly agrees. The Intel chief exec recently reaffirmed his company’s stance on becoming the best producer of AI technology. According to him, the technology is not just essential but inevitable. Efforts by Intel Corporation and its peers will cram decision-making capabilities into every device from your camera to your self-driving car.

Get ready for AI superpower Intel

Intel Corporation wades deeper into AI

AI is devoted to making machines and software more intelligent, and thus more capable. It might be cringey at this point to draw an example from the Terminator movies, but yes. Disregard the violent machines and muscular Austrian actor pushing an exaggerated plot, and you get the idea. No? Well then, the goal is to instill qualities in machines that will allows them to use all their resources efficiently and with foresight, not only for the task at hand, but future tasks too.

This is much easier said than done, though. AI encompasses a world of complexities and other technologies that are only now beginning to come into fruition. Robotics, deep learning, machine learning, collaborative systems, and predictive computing are all composites of AI systems. Machine learning and AI are the most common technology trends today, highlighted this recent study.

“There is a large artificial intelligence payoff”

For any doubters of technology’s relevance, over 200 AI-focused companies have been acquired in the last five years. That is according to a report by CB Insights. The firm claimed more than 15 percent of those companies were snatched up in 2017’s first quarter.

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) is a prominent feature on that list as well. The chipmaker now dedicates resources to acquiring tech start-ups in the field of AI and its related fields. Specializing in the realm of artificial intelligence systems is Nervana, a well-known Intel adoption. There are two popular buyouts in the field of computer vision, too — Movidius and Itseez. Finally, bolstering the chipmaker’s cognitive computing expertise is Saffron, a key purchase for the firm.

Intel Corporation believes these acquisitions will drive it to the “forefront of AI technologies.” Krzanich states the company is more capable now than ever to deliver “the promise of AI”. Indeed, the chipmaker repeatedly asserted its artificial intelligence bid with investments in the form of buyouts, research, patents, platforms and products.

There stands to be a major payoff, too. Bank of America reports that the artificial intelligence market will be worth around $70 billion in just 3 years. Such technologies are known for their contribution to cost and time efficiency too. In that regard, Bank of America makes another prediction.

The financial institution claims that these disruptive technologies will have a $30 trillion impact on economies worldwide, give or take. Those who get into the market early will secure a greater advantage, BoA reports. Corporations that take their time, however, will lose out on that competitive pioneer’s edge.

More Intel power

Back in November 2016, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) released news of a few AI breakthroughs. The company came out swinging with new artificial intelligence products for the world to see. It announced all-new solutions, investments and technologies.

Market analysts label them “state-of-the-art”. Then came the news that 97 percent of every data center running AI systems were powered by Intel. Beyond that, when it comes to “the most flexible, yet performance-optimized” AI solutions, Intel’s your guy. Well, company…

Enter the Intel Nervana, a fully decked out AI computing portfolio for data centers. In contrast to GPU-powered solutions, it can reduce the time it takes to train a deep learning model in 3 years by up to a 100 times.

Intel Corporation now powers numerous other AI solutions and developments. Three months into this year, the company crammed all its artificial intelligence efforts into a single organization. It is Artificial Intelligence Products Group. The company states that AIPG seeks to propel all its AI ventures under one umbrella.

Intel is putting all of its eggs into a the artificial intelligence basket, it seems. This week, news broke out that the company is doing away with three IoT solutions. The reports suggest that Intel let these go to focus on other efforts, namely AI, which appears to be the company’s future workhorse.

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