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Jeff Gundlach

As we head into another year most bond market experts are expecting U.S. interest rates to rise, bringing to an end three decades of falling rates.

But Jeff Gundlach is not like most bond market experts. Exactly one year ago, Gundlach, the head of DoubleLine Funds, correctly predicted rates would fall in 2014.

And he’s started 2015 in much the same way, In an interview with Barron’s over the weekend, Gundlach is once again taking a contrarian view, saying rates could go lower than we’ve seen in a very long time:

Where the median economic forecast tabulated by Bloomberg for the 10-year U.S. Treasury Bond yield for year-end 2015 currently stands at 3.24%, Gundlach thinks the 10-year that finished 2014 at 2.17% could potentially take out its modern-era low of 1.38% yield hit in 2012. This would particularly be the case if crude-oil prices keep falling to, say, $40 a barrel from their 2014 year-end level of about $55. This further drop from the 46% decline suffered by crude in 2014 would only accentuate deflationary forces he sees at work globally that continue to drop long-bond yields…

…weighing on U.S. bond yields will be brisk foreign buying from investors in Japan and Europe, where long-term sovereign debt bond yields are mostly lower than U.S. rates and economic growth prospects are less bright. “Everybody worried about what would happen to the U.S. government [bond] market when the Fed ended [its third round of quantitative easing] last fall and stopped its heavy monthly government bond purchases,” he points out. “The answer, of course, is that foreign buying easily replaced declining government support of the market. And the strengthening dollar, which we think will continue, only makes U.S. bonds all the more attractive, for not only do foreign investors benefit from higher relative rates, but they also win on currency translation profits.”

You can view the full interview with Barron’s here. (Subscription required)


Todays Other Top Stories

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Investment Grade Bonds

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Investment Strategy

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Bond Funds

Reuters: – DoubleLine posts $2.2 bln in net inflows in December. – Jeffrey Gundlach’s DoubleLine Funds, an investment firm that has been a major rival of bond fund Pimco, reported an 11th consecutive month of net inflows in December, totaling $2.23 billion.

Bloomberg: – Pimco Total Return Fund had withdrawals of $19.4 billion in December, the 20th straight month of redemptions. – Pacific Investment Management Co.’s biggest mutual fund suffered about $19.4 billion in withdrawals in December, the 20th straight month of redemptions, capping a year that included the surprise departures of Bill Gross and Mohamed El-Erian.

WSJ: – Will funds outperform in 2015? – (Subscription) As 2015 gets under way, most on Wall Street expect the nearly six-year-old bull market for stocks to keep running. And the long-awaited bear market for bonds seems to be on hold.


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