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DoubleLine founder Jeffrey Gundlach is looking ahead, not to the next quarter, but the next decade. And what he sees makes interesting reading for fixed income investors. “A lot of things seem to be pointing to the year 2020 as an interesting time frame,” he told the Financial Times in an interview.

When someone like Gundlach says “interesting”, investors should take note. What is good for fixed income is rarely good for the economy as a whole, and Mr Gundlach has a whole list of interesting:

“A wall of high-yield debt that companies will need to refinance; soaring federal government deficits as baby-boomers drain social security and healthcare funds; ageing populations in China and other emerging markets; and the Federal Reserve’s Treasury holdings maturing, too.”

His conclusion? By 2020, the Fed may well be resurrecting quantitative easing, its palliative for troubled markets.

“It seems like one of the consequences of this zero interest rate policy is you’ve pushed out the problem of refinancing, of rolling over, but you’ve really compounded the magnitude of it and it seems to be focused around the 2020s.” He went on to say.

You can read Gundlach’s full interview here.


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