Governor of Puerto Rico to Muni Market Reporter Cate Long: “It’s On”

Best of the Bond Market for: March 12th, 2012

Tweet by @ABWashBureau 

Gov of Puerto Rico is really going after @cate_long. My Spanish is rusty, but even I can see they aren’t mincing words:alertaprogresista.com/node/658

Our Take: Last week our top story of the day was Cate Long’s article “Puerto Rico is America’s Greece.”  Apparently the Governor also took notice as he came out swinging today with an article entitled “Greece and I want to Be Puerto Rico“.  The article is in spanish but Google translates pretty well if you don’t speak spanish and is worth a look if you want to have a good laugh.

@ABWashBureau follows up the above tweet with one that pretty much sums it all up here: “When you have to attack a reporter personally, as the Gov of PR does, you are losing the fight. End of story”.

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Meredith Whitney was Right – Our Take: The governor of Puerto Rico was not the only one who was on the defensive today. Contributing editor to Fortune Duff McDonald  took heat for the title of his article, the point of which is Meredith Whitney got the part about Municipal Finances being in bad shape and getting worse was correct.  As Duff states in his own article however, this is not what everyone criticizes her for.

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The Case for Shorting US Bonds – Our Take: Doug joins Warren Buffet and Larry Fink with his own sell recommendation on US Treasuries. In his 5 reasons to short US Government debt portion of the article he lists one point which we have not seen elsewhere, and for the traders out there is worth some additional consideration.  That is that “Flows out of stock funds and into bond funds seem to be at a tipping point”.  For our readers however (most of whom are long term investors) we recommend maintaining a balanced portfolio and letting rebalancing handle your buy and sell decisions instead of trying to time the market.

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Tweeting from Muni Land  Our Take: In between fielding an array of tweets in support of her position on Greece, Cate posted a great list of tweeters to follow for info on the Municipal Bond Market.  LearnBonds was lucky enough to make the list and we thank Cate for her support.

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