Google Maps is Outpacing Apple Maps by Yards and Miles (NASDAQ:GOOG)


Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) map users should not be surprised by a message saying, “Your destination may be closed by the time you arrive” when next they input a location on the app. Google just announced an update on its Google Maps application according to a Mashable report. The update allows Google Maps to inform you if your destination will still be open when you get there. This new update raises the stake in the ongoing battle for dominance between Google Maps and Apple Maps.


How the Update Works

When you want to navigate from one location to another, the Google app will compute your total travelling distance to obtain an estimated time of arrival. The app then runs your ETA against the closing time of your destination to confirm that the place will be open when you arrive. The app will then provide you with the regular operating hours of that establishment.

The information is still limited to establishments that Google already has their opening and closing schedules on file. Nonetheless, crowd input could hasten the speed with which closing times of different locations will be on file.

The battle for dominance between Google Inc and Apple Inc cuts across operating systems, ad revenue, mobile, apps, and even driverless cars. However, it is obvious that Google is ahead on the Apps front, and the latest update confirms this notion.

Google Gain, Apple’s Loss

Google Maps has been the de facto mapping app in Apple’s iPhone up until 2012 when Apple released its Apple Maps. However, the Apple Map is one of the famous app failures because it got practically everything wrong. The Apple Map didn’t meet the needs of people taking public transports. The directions it gave to drivers was also likely to send you on a route that is twice as long or even get you lost.

Three years later, Apple is playing catch up to Google. At the recent Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple revealed some interesting features in its Map app. Users now have transit options to access public transport schedule. You can calculate when to leave with the “Arrive By” feature. In addition, Siri can give you directions even as you navigate subway stations.

Can Apple Catch up With Google

However, the new update for Google Maps has raised the bar. Google is also working on releasing an offline turn-by-turn navigation for its map before the end of this year. In addition, you’ll be able to use voice navigation and search information about destinations in the offline mode. Google’s Android Auto, which is in the works plans to put Google Maps on your dashboard. Hence, Google is clearly setting the pace for Apple.

Google generates revenue from ads on its services; hence, it has a fanatical passion to deliver the most user-friendly apps. Apple on the other hand mostly generates revenue from ads; hence, when its apps are not late, they are often not user-centric.

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