Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) AI Looks Like a Super-Smart Rival Killer


Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has a voice assistant but it is not at famous as either of Siri from Apple or Cortana from Microsoft. One of the reasons is that Google did not personalize its voice service, and it is somewhat hard to develop any bond to an unknown robot since you can’t easily put a face to the name. Yet, Google might have the smartest voice assistant of all despite the fact that it has a less than creative name “Google Now”.


Google revealed in a blog post that its voice search is now faster and it hears you accurately even in noisy places. The firm said that it has added better neural acoustic models to its voice search tool. The firm says, “These models are a special extension of (RNNs) that are more accurate, especially in noisy environments, and they are blazingly fast!”

Google’s AI is smarter and killing rivals

Apple has by far the most popular voice assistant named Siri. Tons of articles, memes, and whatnot have been written about Siri such that she almost comes alive. Siri is on all iPhones and iPads and each upgrade of Apple’s iOS often brings a smarter Siri to the tech space. Siri does a decent job at parsing words into text but she doesn’t seem to interpret your meanings correctly. Many people with accents have also complained about Siri’s failure in knowing that they are speaking English – with an accent.

Microsoft also has Cortana. She seems to be fairly level-headed than Apple’s Siri and she is also doing a great job of being an assistant. Other than the fact that Cortana doesn’t quip at you, she is efficient at her job. Cortana also seems to be smarter than Siri in that she now offers contextual search on the new Windows 10. Yet, still lags Google Now on the speed test.

Google Now is already available on Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) app for iOS and Android, it also handles dictation on Android and its works within some third-party apps. The cross-platform nature of Google Now seeks to make it open to users irrespective of their choice OS, and that is the key reason Google Now will be able to kill Siri and Cortana.

Voice is the future of Mobile

The rise of mobile as brought about lots of changes on how people relate with computers and the world around. Trackballs and keyboards are now relic of an era long gone on smartphone touch (now 3D touch) has come to stay. Going forward, voice will become the common way to relate to mobile devices. Andrew Ng at China’s equivalent of Google, Baidu has predicted that within five years “50 percent of queries will be on speech or images.” Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is setting its search engine to be at the forefront when the paradigm shifts to voice.

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