Google Inc (GOOGL) Was the Most Important Voter at GOP Debate

Google Inc might have more power and influence in politics than the firm lets on. A Wired report titled “Google’s Search Algorithm could Steal the Presidency” provides an in-depth view on the experts at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology on how Google could affect, alter and change election results.

Google Trend GOP

The way Google ranks of positive or negative stories when voters search for a candidate could have an effect on the way people vote. More so, the effect of the placement of stories could end up changing the outcome of close races. Robert Epstien, one of the experts on the study says, “Google could determine the outcome of upwards of 25 percent of all national elections.”

Google trends show GOP debate winners

The effect that Google   could have on elections might sound like something from the realms of sci-fi or a movie set in year 2100. Yet, the effects of the Google influence is being felt already based on trends from the recent GOP debate. Even though the 2016 elections is still far out on the horizon, the serious contenders are already being picked out from the hopefuls – at least, based on what Google Trends shows.

It was reported that during the recent GOP debate, the top five candidates by searches were Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. The people on the lower ends of the search spectrum are ohn Kasich, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee.

It is clear that Donald Trump’s previous media presence, flair for the spotlight and strong opinion is placing him in the heart of the interest of voters. Surgeon Ben Carson, an author of bestsellers and an inspiring role model is also courting attention as people seek to know his views on political matters.

Google Trend Shows Clear Insights on Winners

A visualization from Google News Lab provides an insight into how candidates fared via Google Trends for the GOP debate. In addition, Five Thirty Eight chief Nate Silver said “it appears that Trump has received about three times as much search traffic as the other nine candidates combined. In the debate Trump still led, but not by as much. Ben Carson got about three-fifths as much search traffic as Trump, for example”.

It is still too early to conclude that someone will win or lose elections based on how they fare in search results. However, it won’t be wrong to surmise that Google is shaping up to become more than just a tech firm. A firm that has the power to shape the behavior of voters in the world’s greatest democracy holds much sway. However, Google’s motto brings a bit of peace – “Don’t Be Evil”.

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