Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Attack on Apple Music 3-Month Trial

Google Inc (GOOG) Google Play Music

Google Inc. is serious about fighting off Apple’s debut in the music space as the music streaming war continues. The music streaming war is a dynamic war that has many warring parties including, but not limited to, Google, Apple, Spotify and Pandora. Google has been making a series of moves that will help its music streaming service gain traction.

Google Inc (GOOG) Google Play Music vs Apple Music

Apple’s First Blow

Apple threw the first punch when itlaunched its Apple Music streaming service on June 30. The Apple Music streaming service was designed to keep Apple’s consumers locked within the ecosystem even when they listen to music. Apple did not offer a free-tier for its platform but users can experience what Apple Music feels like by taking advantage of a 3-month free trial.

The firm also inked deals with an army of indie artistes in a bid to provide a vast selection of songs for listeners. Apple then went as far as proposing to launch an Android App of Apple Music in a move that brings the war to Google’s doorstep.

Google’s Preemptive Strike

Google’s preemptive strike against Apple was to launch a free version of its Google Play Music app even before the launch of Apple Music. The free Google   Music Play app is free for as long as you want.

In addition, users can listen to songs curated by real people and not computers. The App also has contextual relevant playlists that plays songs that suit your mood or activity at any time. Yet, it appears that the launch of the free Google Play Music app is a rushed reaction to Apple’s strike.

Google Hits Back

Now, Google is throwing a stronger punch at Apple Music and this might actually change the landscape of the music streaming wars. Breaking news shows a synergy between Google and Samsung in a move that will take on Apple Music.

It was reported that UK buyers buying a number of Samsung smartphones would have access to six months of free music streaming on Google Play Music. The 6-month free offer is also available to anyone who has bought a flagship device from Samsung.

Who Will Win the Music Streaming Wars?

It is still a little too early to make conjectures about who will win the music streaming war between Google and Apple. However, it is doubtful that Google  will be able to make a significant change in the current state of the music streaming space.

For one, Google has been in that space since 2013 but it has less than 1M users in the U.S. as of December 2014. In comparison, Spotify and Pandora who do not have a tenth of Google’s resources have 20M and 3.8M users respectively. Google can try all it wants, but the fact remains that it has ignored the music streaming space for too long and now, it must pay the price as Apple comes in for the kill.

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