Google Inc (GOOG) Looks on as Microsoft Clouds Search on Windows

Google inc (GOOG)

Google Inc. is the top dog in the global search market but previously overlooked players in the space are challenging its dominance in that space. Microsoft Corporation  is one of the firms that have been overlooked in the search space as the dominance of Google continues to soar. However, Microsoft might now be a serious contender in the search space as it debuts an impressive Windows 10 today.

Google inc (GOOG)

Windows 10 Attacks Google Search

There’s been nothing but rave reviews about the overall experience on Windows 10 since made its debut earlier today. An important feature of Windows 10 that will reward Microsoft and its investors is the search capabilities that the OS carries.

The current search system is use compartmentalizes how search is run to web, computers and mobile devices. Hence, you’ll most likely run a Google search to find things on the web, search through your computer documents to find a word document, and then search through your phone to find a calendar appointment.

Now on Microsoft  Windows 10, a single search will yield comprehensive search results. When you use the search bar on Windows 10, it will search the web; search your files, your apps, and your cloud storage. What’s even more impressive is the speed with which the search is conducted and how the results are presented to avoid information overload. You can also search by file type such as doc. and .ppt as opposed to searching by file name alone.

There’s Money in Search

As at April 2015, Google  Search controls an impressive 88.44% of the global search market. Microsoft’s Bing comes a distance second with a 4.12% market share. Yahoo controls a 3.67% market share and China’s Baidu controls a 0.61% market share. Google’s leading position in the global search market has been a gold mine for the firm.

Emarketer reports that Google took 54.5% or $44.46B from total net search ad revenue in March 2015. Global digital ad spending is expected to reach $170.85B this year and search ads will account for $81.59B of that forecast. There’s money to be made in search and all tech firms are trying to take a sizeable bite of the pie.

The Three-Pronged Assault on Google

Google Search has been the object of a battery of assaults in the last couple of months. Apple has already launched new software features to increase the things that Siri and Spotlight could do. Now, you’ll have Siri instead of the search screen and she’ll even suggest searches if she can guess what it is you’re after.

This move on Apple’s part surely has minimized the need for Google  services on Apple devices. Facebook has also limited the Google’s control on the information on mobile devices. Now, Microsoft  has launched a search-backed Windows 10. Google already leads the search market here, but the gains of other tech players in the search space will translate to losses for Google.

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