30 Free Resources for Following the Fed

EconoDay Economic Calendar – Dates for all important Fed Economic Releases and Speeches.

Market News International Fed News Fed – Federal Reserve News for the hardcore FED follower.  Multiple updates a day.

Fed Statements Side by Side Comparison – The market pays very close attention to any small difference in the Fed’s monetary policy statements.  The disciplined investor makes it easy after each release by listing copies of the previous and most recent statements and literally highlighting the differences.

Federal Reserve Data – The Fed’s data portal from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.  Its a researcher’s dream with all the data you could ever want and the ability to easily create charts for your paper or website.

FederalReserve.gov News and Events Section – Latest FOMC Minutes as well as full transcripts for all speeches which have been given so far in the month.  For a list of all Fed Speeches by year go here.

@FederalReserve – Keep up to date with the latest Fed news and speeches on Twitter.

The Fed on Youtube – Videos of recent Federal Reserve Board Press Conferences as well as Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s College Lecture Series.

MacroBlog – The Atlanta Fed’s blog featuring analysis and research from their staff.

Liberty Street Economics – The NY Fed’s Blog with analysis and thoughts on monetary policy direct from their research staff.

FederalReserveEducation.org – The Fed’s Education site with everything from Lesson Plans for teachers who want to give classes on the Fed, to in depth research tools that could be used at the PHD level.

Investopedia’s Intro to the Fed – Good intro for complete beginners.

Federal Reserve News, Video, and Commentary from CNBC – Blog posts from CNBC contributors on the Fed, Video Segments on the Fed, and text Federal Reserve news stories all organized into one place.

Articles on the Fed from the Economist – Great Fed analysis from the top econ publication organized in one place.

Fed Section of the NY Times Economix blog – Federal Reserve News  and Analysis in Laymen’s Terms.

Fed Section of EconBrowser – Fed Commentary and Analysis from Professor of Economics at UC San Diego James Hamilton and Professor of Public Affairs and Economics at University of Wisconsin, Madison Menzie Chenn.

Federal Reserve Posts from Brad DeLong’s Blog – Thoughts on the Fed and Monetary Policy from a UC Berkley Economics Professor and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury.

MacroAdvisers Blog – Great blog with a heavy focus on the Fed.

Tim Duy – University of Oregon Econ Professor’s blog focused exclusively on the Fed.  Lots of good posts on the Fed and other topics via the main page of Economist’s View as well.

Understanding the Modern Monetary System from Pragmatic Capitalism – An alternate view on the Federal Reserve, how things have changed since we left the gold standard, and “how much of economic thinking remains clouded by that era of money”.

Federal Reserve Section on Bankrate – Great resource for casual followers of the Fed that don’t want to be overwhelmed with too many articles.

Shareholder’s Unite – A retired group of professors who blog and are the number 1 ranked writers on Seeking Alpha for Economic Commentary and outlook.  Lots of good stuff on the Fed.

Jeff Miller – Great Section of Posts on quantitative easing and why “Those choosing to ‘fight the Fed’ with their investments will be big losers.”

New Monetarist Economics – Econ Professor Stephen Williamson’s thoughts on the Fed.  Several detailed posts a month.

The Capital Spectator – While they only periodically cover the Fed they do a great job of interpreting the economic data releases which the FED is likely to look at for decision making.

PIMCO’s Central Bank Focus – Posts on the Federal Reserve from PIMCO analysts as well as Bill Gross and Mohamed El-Erian.  You can also follow them on Twitter @PIMCO 

EconEdLink Fed Lesson – This is a lesson plan for teaching a class on the latest monetary policy release however also very relavent to investors seeking to learn more about the Fed and Monetary policy by looking at a real example.

The Big Picture – Fed posts from our favorite financial blogger Barry Rithotz.

Federal Reserve News Sections of Major News Publications:

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