E-cigarette Products No Longer Available On Alibaba For US Consumers

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Chinese e-commerce giant, Alibaba, has said that it will stop selling e-cigarettes and related products in the United States.

The company’s decision comes following growing regulatory pressure and scrutiny on the e-cigarette industry.

US authorities have expressed concerns about the health risks that come with the use of e-cigarettes, such as lung cancer.

They have also said that there are some deaths that can be linked to the use of these products, and they have proposed that e-cigarettes and their use be banned in the country.

Alibaba’s announcement follows similar moves by some retailers in the US. This week, Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. and Kroger Co announced that they would no longer be selling e-cigarette products in their stores.

These retailers made the announcements after Walmart made a similar decision.

According to Alibaba, they already had a policy in place that would have seen the e-commerce platform stop selling e-cigarettes in the US, and thus, this is not a decision that has been made overnight.

Regulators increase scrutiny on vaping products

The American government has heavily criticized the e-cigarette industry for providing products that are harmful to the health of the country’s citizens and have led to death in some cases.

Regulators say that the products are designed to attract underage users and teenagers have easy access to e-cigarettes.

Vaping products are popular among teenagers and they are using a product that carries addictive elements such as nicotine, and hence, putting their health at risk.

According to the US Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention, vaping products can be connected to about 18 deaths as of last week.

The products can also be linked to thousands of cases in which users suffer from conditions that are caused by e-cigarette use.

On the back of this, Alibaba has said that it will no longer be listing any products associated with vaping on its US website.

The products that will no longer appear for US clients include vape pens, heat not burn devices, box mods, herbal vapors, and empty pod cartridges.

Industry affected by low end products

There are several companies in the world that make vaping products, and their business will be significantly affected by the regulatory changes that are happening in the US.

The US market is one of the biggest markets in the world and the closing up of this market to the vaping industry will have long reaching effects.

It is likely that several other retailers will stop stocking e-cigarettes as regulatory pressure mounts.

Most of the deaths and illnesses that are associated with e-cigarette use have been caused by low end products.

These makeshift products do not maintain the standards needed to protect user health, and yet they are readily available.

The easy accessibility and low prices attract consumers who do not have knowledge about the risks that come with the use of such a product.

At the end of the day, this affects the industry as a whole as is seen in the possible ban that is likely to be imposed by US regulators.

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