Cambridge Analytica Investigations Make Facebook (FB) Suspend Thousands of Apps

Cambridge Analytica Investigations Make Facebook (FB) Suspend Thousands of Apps

As an investigation into the Cambridge Analytica scandal has begun, social media giant Facebook (FB) has suspended several thousand apps from its developer ecosystem. All apps were reportedly connected with only 400 developers.

Facebook takes steps to combat issues

On Friday, Facebook announced the suspension of several thousand apps from its software development ecosystem. The suspension was ordered after the beginning of an investigation related to Cambridge Analytica scandal. The company wrote in a blog post that the investigation has touched millions of applications running on Facebook’s platform.

“Of those, tens of thousands have been suspended for a variety of reasons while we continue to investigate,” it wrote.

Cambridge Analytica Investigations Make Facebook (FB) Suspend Thousands of Apps

Last year, data firm Cambridge Analytica was accused of scraping data of at least 87 million users on Facebook. This data was used for hyper-targeting ads for Donald Trump’s successful presidential election campaign in 2016. According to the company, the apps that it suspended were connected with 400 developers but didn’t clarify the exact reason behind the suspension. It said that there were various reasons behind the actions, including the developers’ failure to respond to the company’s requests.

Facebook’s actions go strict

It said that it has already banned numerous apps that shared data obtained from Facebook inappropriately. This included making the data public without putting any identity and privacy protections in place. The platform said that such use of data was in violation of their policies. Some other developers have been slapped with lawsuits because they didn’t cooperate with the company’s investigations. They were found to be using their apps to scrape user data or spread malware.

The company hasn’t yet given the names of the developers or apps that were scrapped by the company. Instead, it noted that not all of the suspended apps were a threat to the users. Some of them were inactive or were only at testing stages and hasn’t been launched publicly. Facebook reportedly questioned the developers in-depth after their apps were flagged. The investigation is currently ongoing, which means that several more apps could be suspended if they are found to be violating company policies.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal was one of the most vicious user data breaches in Facebook’s history. Apart from the US presidential election, it was also used to sway the votes during the Brexit referendum. The US Federal Trade Commission imposed a $5 billion fine on the company post the scandal, and it fell deeper into problems. Since then, the company’s business practices, privacy policy, and user data protection laws have been under tough scrutiny.

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