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Need some help understanding bonds and bond investing? We’ve created these free guides to help answer the most common (and some less common) questions. Let us know if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to get them answered for you.

Free Guide 1: Bond Investing Basics

We designed the Guide to the Basics of Investing in Bonds for those that are new to the bond market.  The guide is comprised of 12 lessons which give you the framework you will need to understand all of our other bond investing guides.  We start the guide out with lessons on the different types of bonds, how interest rates move bond prices, and how to measure the interest rate risk of a bond.  Basic concepts such as the yield curve, individual bonds vs. bond funds, credit ratings and spreads are also covered.   Even if you are an experienced investor, its probably not a bad idea to skim through this guide as a refresher.

Free Guide 2: Investing in Bond Funds

Our Free Guide to Investing in Bond Funds covers everything you need to know about investing in bond mutual funds and ETFs.  The 11 lessons in this guide go from covering the basics of how each product works, to how to know whether bond ETFs or bond mutual funds are right for you.  Also covered in this guide are the steps to go through to narrow down the 1000’s of funds out there to the 1 fund that best fits your needs.  As a special bonus we also give our top bond fund picks for 2013.

Free Guide 3: Investing in Municipal Bonds

Our Free Guide to Investing in Tax Free Municipal bonds is designed for individuals who want to buy individual municipal bonds directly, instead of owning them through a fund.  In this guide we cover how to tell if municipal bonds are right for you, how to execute a municipal bond trade, and how to avoid getting ripped off when buying municipal bonds.  If you are concerned about the safety of municipal bonds, we also cover how to separate fiction from fact with exactly where the dangers are.  Lastly we walk you through all the steps necessary to choose a municipal bond for income.

Free Guide 4: Investing in Corporate Bonds

The Free Guide to Investing in Corporate Bonds is designed for individuals who want to buy individual corporate bonds directly instead of through a fund.  In addition to covering the basics of how to place a bond trade, we give you the information you need to check to get the best value for your money.  There is also a sub guide to investing in junk bonds included and a comprehensive guide to all the steps you need to take in order to choose a corporate bond for income.

Free Guide 5: Investing in Treasury Bonds

Our Free Guide to Investing in Treasuries  we have 7 lessons covering everything you need to know in order to buy treasury bonds.  Information on the different types of treasuries, how treasury auctions work, the safety of treasuries, and how to read and use the Treasury International Capital report in your investment decisions.

Free Guide 6: Investing in Savings Bonds

Our Free Guide to Investing in Savings Bonds  gives you all the information you need to know to start buying savings bonds today.  The ins and outs of the two different types of savings bonds, how to give savings bonds as a gift, buying savings bonds electronically, how to cash in savings bonds and more.

Free Guide 7: Investing in Annuities

Our Free Guide to Investing in Annuities is the most comprehensive overview of what you need to know to invest in annuities on the net.  The different types of annuities, how to get income for life from annuities, annuities vs. other types of investments, how to buy an annuity and more.

Free Guide 8: Investing in Peer to Peer Loans

Our Free Guide to Investing in Peer to Peer Loans gives you everything you need to know in order to take advantage of the exceptional yields you can earn investing in P2P loans.  Since peer to peer loan investing is new to many people we start this guide off with a basic overview of what peer to peer loans are and what you can expect in terms of returns.  Then we walk you through step by step how to setup your investments and give tips on how you may be able to increase your returns.

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David Waring

David Waring

David Waring was the founder of LearnBonds.com and has been a major contributor to the extensive library of investing news and information available on the site. Until the launch of Learnbonds.com in late 2011 there was no single site on the internet catering exclusively to the individual bond investor. This was true even though more individuals own stocks than bonds. Learn Bonds was launched to fill that gap.


  1. Hi, I’m just making sure I have the correct understanding here. The current rate on an EE savings bonds is like .2%. However, if the bond is held for 20 years, the amount invested, X, is guaranteed by the government to double to 2X. So therefore, the “real” rate, if held 20 years, is r, where r comes from solving (1+r)^20 = 2, which gives r = 2^(1/20) – 1 = ~3.52%, which is actually quite a nice rate. So if someone asked me if EE savings bonds are a good investment, I’d probably say “yes”, and add the disclaimer of 20 years. Does this sound about right? Thanks,
    • Hi Justin, Yep that’s right. If you are holding for 20 years great yield relative to other government bonds. If not you can probably do better elsewhere. Best Regards, Dave
  2. my investment manager told me bonds have tank an took 100k an put it in a 5 yr fund paying 4.5. Is this a better yield?

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