BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) to Ship Priv on November 6, $900 Price Tag

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BlackBerry Ltd ,  hasn’t put an official number on the date at which it will release the Priv, its new Android slider, but the firm doesn’t have the tightest control on its data. Phone seller Carphone Warehouse, a major smart phone outlet in the UK, says that the device is forecast to arrive at doors on November 6.

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That’s not the only info that the shop released about the Priv. It will come with a 5.4-inch Quad HD touchscreen, a 3,410 mAh battery, and an 18MP camera. The BlackBerry Priv will boast 3GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, says Carphone Warehouse.

In the UK it appears the device will sell at a base price of £579.99.At today’s exchange rate that translates to about $900 US dollars. Rumors suggest that it will cost much less than that on its real release inside North America.

Buying the Priv

BlackBerry  has done quite a lot to tease the next big phone on its roster, but the firm has yet to confirm some of the key details about it. Last Friday, heading into the weekend, the firm released its first video promo for the new device. Now that we’re just three weeks away from shipment, at least by Carphone Warehouse math, a release date should come from John Chen sooner rather than later.

There is a chance that Carphone Warehouse is wrong about the release of the Priv, and the outlet may even be wrong about the price being charged for the device. We won’t know for sure until BlackBerry puts out its own numbers for when the device will emerge and how much it will cost.

Given the BlackBerry’s campaign to sell the Privso far, it’s hard to predict when it might do that, or in what fashion it might seek to disperse the info.

BlackBerry can’t keep a lid on the Priv

It’s not clear whether all of the recent info about the Priv has been released by BlackBerry itself, through the media leaks so often used by phone sellers and other major firms, or actually seeped out through cracks in the firm’s own security wall.

If allowing Carphone Warehouse to post details about the phone before making a release date announcement was the plan at Waterloo all along, that doesn’t exactly speak to the firm’s marketing prowess.

If, on the other hand, the firm wasn’t able to take charge of the information that held the BlackBerry-loving public in thrall, that might say worse things about the way the firm is run. BlackBerry is trying to sell itself as the most secure enterprise data firm in the world right now, but Priv has appeared in more leaks than can be counted in the last six months.

For a firm that’s supposed to be expert in control of data, that doesn’t exactly look good. The latest leak, through the website of a partner retailer, is a particularly bad example if it was okayed by those in charge of the Priv release.

It doesn’t matter whether or not these leaks are intentional. If they aren’t, it’s terrible for a firm trying to sell itself as a security giant. If they are then it shows little tact on the part of the firm’s marketing team.

We know that the Priv is very likely to be a high quality smartphone, and it will likely offer a higher level of security than any other Android model on the market. What we can’t be sure about, and what many on Wall Street are actively betting against, is that it’s going to sell well. We’ll have to wait until BlackBerry decides what it’s trying to do with the Priv before that gets any clearer.

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