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BlackBerry Ltd ,  is busy at work on its newest hardware gambit, the PRIV. The firm’s device isn’t like anything else on the market right now, even though it runs on the Alphabet Inc Android operating system, and that might be a problem for some prospective buyers, but some info on the features of the device have finally been leaked.

There’s a couple of odd things about the BlackBerry PRIV. The hardware keyboard is something that’s not to be found on any other phone at that price level, though that will likely work in the same way as the keyboard on the BlackBerry Passport. Of more interest is the curved screen on the device. Luckily, Canadian carrier Telus has offered a new look at how it functions.

BlackBerry PRIV has a curved screen

The display of the BlackBerry  PRIV spills over the side, much like the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. BlackBerry has given us little info on how that will work thus far, but the new carrier demo offers a glimpse. The demo appeared for a short period before being taken down, but screenshots of the process were shared, and TechnoBuffalo published a report based on the info on Tuesday morning.

There’s a few things that edge panel can do. It shows you how much your phone is charged when plugged in, it’s also used to offer a preview of apps in what may be an appealing productivity feature.

Swiping from the bar to the main part of the screen will bring up a preview of apps running in the background. That lets a PRIV user see what’s going on inside, which might be an ideal way to check a schedule, or messages.

BlackBerry has had a funny way of getting info about how the PRIV works out there. If one tech blogger is  right, that won’t matter too much.

BlackBerry pull down by tech bloggers

In a piece published on The Verge on Tuesday morning, Vlad Savov said that the firm was far too late in its migration to Android. In his view there are several issues with the BlackBerry PRIV. The price of the device, the lack of any major differentiation, and the fact that the firm’s leaders don’t seem keen on hardware support are all listed as weaknesses for the firm going forward.

The PRIV is set to be one expensive device. It’s going to cost $699 on release, making it just as pricey as every phone out there bar some phablets. That’s going to be a hard pill for consumers, and enterprise to swallow.

On top of that the firm’s security system competes directly with KNOX, a system that BlackBerry helped Samsung develop for Android.

It’s hard to see where the future of BlackBerry is in hardware, and the firm’s CEO John Chen seems to agree. He has said that the firm may stop making hardware if sales don’t improve. That may sound good to investors, but businesses thinking about buying the PRIV may have to think twice as a result of the firm’s commitment issues.

BlakcBerry always said it would support hardware, but the PlayBook, the firm’s poor tablet product was left behind in the dust despite claims it would receive software updates after Waterloo stopped selling it.

It’s becoming clear that BlackBerry isn’t gaining traction in the tech world with the PRIV. Whether it can garner support in enterprise is key to the firm’s future.

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