7 Widespread Apple Inc (AAPL) Watch 2 Rumors – Fact or Fiction?

Apple Inc (AAPL) Apple Watch

Apple Inc. is the talk of the town lately and the iPhone 7 is getting most of the attention in the consumer tech realm. The next iteration of the Apple watch will be revealed on the same day. Both products are just weeks ahead of their official introductions, which is expected around September 9th or 16th. 

Apple Inc (AAPL) Watch

Fans of the first Apple Watch should be extremely excited to know that an upgrade might be headed their way within the next month. There is, however, nothing but rumor and speculation about the product. Everything from its name to its specs is shrouded in mystery. We’ve rounded up the top 7 things fans can expect from the next edition Apple Watch.

1. Apple Watch S?

The 2016 Watch could be an S upgrade. While most reports that cover the next generation of Apple’s wrist piece call it the Apple Watch 2, more recent rumors suggest a slight deviation in the title. Some expect the U.S. tech firm to unveil an Apple Watch S in the coming weeks. Neil Cybart of Above Avalon agrees. The man is a tech industry analyst and blogger. Cybart has kept his eye on the firm for a very long time and is considered to hold great insight when it comes to the iPhone producer.

“Rather than pressing a reset button, Apple is systematically going through the Apple Watch business to fix friction points that developed over the first year. All of this is being done to position the device for improved adoption,” he explains

This is backed by numerous other experts that believe Tim Cook and co. would be better off aligning the naming convention of Watch with that of their flagship product. This, according to one report, is because the watch is designed to compliment the iPhone in a lot of aspects.

So don’t be surprised if the expected timepiece, is rolled out as the Apple Watch S .

2. Apple Watch Camera

The next edition of the Apple Watch is rumored to be instilled with a camera. Some outlets even report a dual lens setup. Its use could range from selfies to video calls and everything in between. Some of the comments expressed by experts predict its use will be very limited though. One can imagine how the excessive use of the Watch’s camera feature could easily drain the battery.

3. A Waterproof Apple Watch

The firm aims to produce more durable devices from this year forward. This can be inferred from the rumored water resistance features that will be seen on both the iPhone 7 and the new Apple Watch. IP68 waterproofing will be instilled on both of the Fall releases, according to sources.

Most of the complains about the first watch noted its fragility. Although the electric time piece is water resistant, reviews have noted that it feels rather delicate. Users have expressed that they feel as though they should be extra careful not to bump the device against other hard objects. It is also understandable that some may be overly cautious about exposing the electric wrist gadget to water. Enhanced waterproofing should come as an added assurance to those who doubt the durability of the Apple Watch.

Beyond that, Apple has been bashed by users over the years about the overall fragility of its gadgets. The iPhone, for instance, is thought to be too highly priced for how susceptible it is to breakage. Other top-end phone makers like Samsung have often proven that premium doesn’t necessarily mean delicate. Always late to party, it looks like Tim Cook and co. are finally catching on.

4. Extended Battery

With a heap of features crammed into the upcoming Apple Watch, extended battery is an absolute given. Adding a camera and cellular capabilities alone should use up a lot of battery. On smartphones, the display usually sucks up most of the battery life. It is followed by cellular capabilities and camera usage. Considering that the tiny Apple Watch could come with both these features, a larger battery capacity will certainly be needed.

“I think it’s likely that the Apple Watch 2 will have significantly better battery life and moderately better performance because of the latest chip-set fabrication process.”

5. New Shape to the Apple Watch

The shape of the new watch may change as well. It could even come in two variants, according to some sources. Those who like the square-ish form may still be able to opt for it. However, it appears the second edition of the Apple Watch could be round. Reports agree that the watch will be slimmer. An additional button may appear on the device as well.

6. Apple Watch With GPS

Navigating with the Apple Watch will be possible with the arrival of its second edition. The new Watch is highly rumored to have GPS capabilities. This should come as a relief to the otherwise very useless first generation watch, which was a glamorized sports watch that did very little else on its own. The Watch’s dependence on the iPhone is very noticeable. Reviews has pegged it to be quite bland if the user is not in possession of an iPhone. But perhaps that’s the firm’s ploy at raking in more buyers.

Giving the device its own features that are independent of the iPhone will certainly help sell this product as its own stand-alone item.

7. Screen Tech

The new Watch will be unrivalled in the display department. Experts say the company will use the Micro LED display technology it acquired from LuxVue two years ago. The firm bought the firm back in 2014 while it was making headway in screen technology. LuxVue’s innovative take on Micro LED is expected to debut on this year’s Apple Watch. It could lend a hand in the display tech of the iPhone 8 as well, expected next year.

Micro LED has many uses and all of them will be seen on the new Watch. It allows for better color contrasts, meaning dark colors gain more depth while bright colors get a boost in vividness. Micro LED saves a lot of battery as well because of how it relays pixels. Beyond this, it allows for faster responses, meaning Watch users will get a more seamless experience with the gadget.

Overall, the Apple Watch 2/S promises to be a great upgrade. What are your thoughts on the product? Feel free to leave a comments below.

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