Here Comes Apple Watch 2: Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s Super Timepiece

Apple Inc (AAPL) Watch

Apple Inc. rode the wave of wearable technology last year when it released the popular Apple Watch. Nearly a year into its release and the electronic timepiece has already scored a massive user base. No official report has been made on the the gadget’s performance, but analysts have insisted that the Watch is doing considerably well. The growing demand for the device is expected to spill nicely into the sales of its next generation.

Apple Watch 2 approaches

The Watch 2 comes into focus once again as the company’s Fall season approaches. Fans of i-devices anticipate its unveiling along with that of the iPhone 7 range. The watch is over 2 months away from its expected showcasing, but there are already rumors about its features circulating online reports.

Apple Inc (AAPL) Watch

The firm refuses to give figures about the watch, saying it would only help competitors. The company clearly wants to keep rivals in the dark about the gadget’s performance. But its sales are thought to be high and span well over 10 million units according to most sources.

With the second version of the wearable, Apple Inc. is expected to ship an average of 2 million units per month. This is based on the “aggressive” number of orders the current watch is believed to have gained.

Some exciting new qualities are thought to be on the second generation of the Apple Watch. The wrist device will have GPS functions along with enhanced waterproofing, according some reports.

The waterproofing idea goes along with the iPhone 7 rumor which claims that it will be a lot more water resistant as well. Making more durable gadgets seems to be instilled the designed philosophy of Apple Inc.’s newer editions.

Apple Watch 2 better than rivals

Devices that can withstand more conditions can offer more uses. One of the more prominent complaints about the Watch is that the device feels (and actually is) a bit fragile. Users feel as if they should be particularly mindful not to bump the electric timepiece again other objects or expose it to water. It might not be much, but upped waterproofing is a step forward in durability.

The second edition of Apple Inc.’s flagship wearable could flaunt a new kind of screen. MicroLED will allegedly act as the Apple Watch 2’s medium of display. This piece of screen tech will make the device unrivaled in the smartwatch space. When the iPhone maker bought LuxVue back in 2014, it acquired the company’s microLED tech too.

MicroLED is a new kind of display tech. Basically, it uses an array of tiny LEDs making up the single pixel elements. They offer much better color contrast when compared to normal LCD. They also use less energy and offer faster responses.

A camera for selfies and, who knows, maybe video calls might be seen on the Watch 2 unveiling. It might even be joined by another alongside it for a dual camera set-up. According to a Patently Apple: “The camera can be disposed on the front surface of Apple Watch face to capture images of the user.”

The Apple Watch 2 will run on WatchOS 3 and is expected to launch in September. Apple Inc. has made no official hint at an exact date but could do so in the next few weeks.

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