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Apple Boosts A Small U.K. Company’s Stock Over 310% With iPhone 8

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Apple Inc. is only days away from showing the world what all the excitement is about. First the headphone jack, now the home button.

Its removal is one of the new features on the widely reported iPhone 8. In its place will be 3D recognition technology. The incoming phone will house a tiny wafer pad in the place of the iconic home circle to do all the sensing.

The supplier of the pad is believed to be IQE Plc, a small wafer making company in based in Cardiff, Wales. It has a 314% surge in stock value this year so far. Market watchers speculate that its rise in value is due to increased confidence in its expertise. After all, IQE might have a hand in making the year’s most anticipated product.

If you are in the market for the U.K.’s best technology investment, look no further than IQE. Market researchers on the prowl of the Apple’s component suppliers suspect IQE is among them. This is their reasoning for its uncharacteristic spike in value.

Analysts believe that nestled within the streets of Cardiff is the United Kingdom’s next major tech corporation. IQE takes second place among the country’s best stock performers. Its reason for success? Giving the makers of the iPhone 8 the component they need to make their product revolutionary. The incoming product will use facial recognition to unlock itself.

Better yet, IQE is only warming up. Lee Simpson of Stifel writes that investors can expect even more growth moving forward. This will be a result of new opportunities and production quality confidence devired from IQE’s ties to Apple.

IQE strikes gold through Apple Inc.

Apple is among the most secretive tech corporations out there. The trail connecting IQE to the iPhone maker is likely covered by other suppliers. Bearing that future devices might have similar unlocking features, though, investors can assume a near-term halt in stock surges in not likely.

Simpson predicts that 3D sensing revenue for IQE will be as much as $50 million by 2019. That would represent an estimated $48 million climb in the space of two years.

Andrew Nelson sits as the CEO at IQE. He has refused to confirm or deny whether his corporation supplies Apple Inc. However, a previous sit-down with the company head reveals him claiming that 80 percent of the 3D sensing wafer market is theirs. What are the chances that Apple does not form part of that figure?

The Cardiff corporation reported around $175 million in annual sales for 2016. The lasers and sensors unit which its wafers fall under made up 17% of that. This business unit will no doubt start to get even meatier as rival phone makers mimic Apple Inc. The wafers have a host of industries they can be used in, too. Those include driverless cars, heating and cosmetic surgery.

If it’s not just the 3D sensing tech, then IQE probably has more ties to Apple Inc. via wireless amp business. In that regard, the company has admitted to be in every smartphone in one form or another.

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