Leaked Apple iPhone 7 Video Brings Gossip to Life

Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone 7

Some months back, CEO Tim Cook mentioned that the next generation of Apple Inc. gadgets will make everyone want to upgrade. He was referring specifically to the iPhone 7. Although, others have attributed the statement to next year’s iPhone 8 instead, but more reports hint against this notion. They suggest that the iPhone 7 might not be as dull as fans are lead to believe.

Better yet, a new video has arisen allegedly depicting the iPhone 7. It is sourced from Chinese webblog Wiebo. The site seems to have had its pulse on the Apple gadget for the longest while. In the video, we see much of the iPhone 7 gossip come to life.


Apple pushes out a powerful phone

The latest: instilled in this year’s iPhone is Apple’s new A10 chip. It is reported to be just as powerful as the A9X processor which powers the new iPad Pro. Moreover, it runs stronger than the current iPhone 6S range. Judging from later reports, the U.S. technology giant looks fixed on providing its consumers with a more powerful device.

The A9X chipset is the most powerful placed on any current i-device. Geekbench recognizes the chip as ten points stronger than the A9 that powers the iPhone 6S range. The A9X scores 3010 while the A9 ranks 3000. The the Indian Express says the iPhone 7 should have a processor that is just as powerful as the new iPad Pro.

Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone 7 Rumors

Apple iPhone 7 lasts longer

Something else: recent weeks have seen reports claiming that Tim Cook and co. are cramming a little extra juice into the iPhone’s battery. Sites like IB Times report that the iPhone 7 will have 1,960 mAh of power at its disposal. The new ticker is not a massive upgrade from the iPhone 6S range, but it does offer around 14 percent more.

Why such a small upgrade? Though it may not look like much, a battery lasting 14 percent longer is quite a massive boost. Getting more juice into the device, while promising upped performance and increased efficiency is actually quite a formidable achievement. The iPhone today and its attributes are very demanding of power.

Putting more juice in the battery is always possible and is done with almost every upgrade. The added power usually compensates for the new features too. Today producing a high-end handset that does more and lasts longer is a respectable feat. The iPhone 6S has a 1,715 mAh battery, which was disappointing step down from the iPhone 6 (1,810 mAh).

Apple Inc. showcased a very forward-thinking platform at the WWDC. Since the event, the company’s iOS 10 has also gotten great reviews from registered developers. It is currently in its second beta phase, said to have less bugs, and will feature on the iPhone 7. Those set on getting the device can expect bugs, jitters, and resolution shifts to be a thing of the past.

Older iPhone users should be able to upgrade to the platform shortly after this year’s release.

What can iPhone 7 fans expect?

Early rumors say that the iPhone 7 will be without the industry norm 3.5mm audio port. The move is motivated by a need for a slimmer and more durable device. Apple Inc. allegedly wants to take a few millimeters off the iPhone and a thinner device. It is an unsurprising piece of gossip when one bears the Cupertino firm’s obsession with its minimalist designs.

The company is also believed to be making its iPhone a lot more resistant to water. Th audio port’s removal will go a long towards ensuring this. Sources claim the iPhone 7 will come with IP68 waterproofing. This allows the gadget to be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes.

Sound plug-in is said to be going to the gadget’s lightning port. Better sound quality can be derived from down there as well, experts assure. Wireless charging is also finally coming to the iPhone, allegedly. This will likely be reserved for the 7 Plus alone though.

The 16GB iPhone is will probably wall away as well.

What should fans not expect?

Space Black was being thrown around a few weeks back. This was said to be new color that will come with the iPhone 7 range. It would join current colors like Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Space Grey. But the rumor has died down a lot and has some report denouncing it as false. The news come as a disappointment to some. Renderings of the color had fans rather excited about its addition.

Another item that can likely be denounced as just rumor is the arrival of the iPhone 7 Pro. Reports claimed that this version of the iPhone would come along this year and put the device range inline with the iPad. The iPad too got a recent sibling 4 months ago. Called the iPad Pro, the device is Apple’s largest and most premium iPad. The iPhone 7 Pro would be a similar gadget, being much larger and going for a least $150 more.

The iPhone is reported to come by mid-September. Fans can expect it to be unveiled alongside the Apple Watch 2. Some official announcement could be made in the next few weeks.

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