Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone 7 Display Super-Sensitivity: Rumors and Specs

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September is right around the corner and that alone means great news for fans of Apple Inc . It means the company’s Fall releases aren’t too far off and fans can almost feel the iPhone 7 in their hands. Expected alongside this year’s iPhone is an all-new Apple Watch as well. However, with Apple tight-lipped with secrets, nothing is certain regarding the upcoming iPhone range. This leaves information hungry Apple fans with little choice but to refer to the old rumor mill.

Apple, Inc (AAPL) iPhone 7

Online talks about the device have iPhone fans across the world all giddy with excitement. Early reports made the tech world expect a poor upgrade. They listed nothing but waterproofing and an audio jack removal among the product’s best, new features. However, just over a month away from the new iPhone’s unveiling and the rumors are taking a more exciting turn. Here’s an up-to-date brief on things iPhone 7.

Audio jack removal

It is highly suspected that the 2016 iPhone will be without an industry standard 3.5mm audio port. Though Apple hasn’t said anything, this is the prominent piece of gossip about the device. It is backed by several alleged leaks and expert comments. Its removal would help make the device a lot more resistant to water and dust damage. The iPhone 7 can also be made slimmer as a result of the port not being there.

Sound plug-in for the iPhone 7 will be moved the device’s lightning port. From there, better sound quality can be derived, experts say. However, the more Apple-savvy experts suspect the company merely wants to switch things up. Apple Inc. has never shied away from minimalism when it comes to its gadgets. Indeed, the audio jack’s removal would only add to that exclusivity element that Tim Cook and co. use to push their devices to the fore of the premium handset market.

No 16GB iPhone from Apple

Those keen on upgrading to this year’s iPhone shouldn’t be surprise if there is no 16GB option to choose from. The year 2016 marks the discontinuation of the 16GB iPhone, according to sources. One of the leading complaints about the iPhone is the device’s rigid storage. With no microSD slot, the standard storage user have when they buy the device is what they have to put up with.

16GB was considered to be loads of space several years back. However, in the age of increased data consumption, app downloads and 4K imagery, that amount of space can be quite limiting. In fact, the average video on the iPhone takes up around 200MB a minute. Bearing that alone, it really wouldn’t take much to time to fill-up 16 gigs of storage. So, away goes the iPhone’s limited space device. The entry model is expected to start from 32GB.

Space Black

Speaking of space, a new color is rumored to come with the iPhone this year. Apple could make Space Black one of the options consumers can choose from. Renderings of the device in this color have ignited a lot of excitement among Apple fans. It would join all of last year’s colors too. Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Space Grey will also be among the colors one gets to choose from.

Touch sensitive

The latest piece of iPhone gossip suggests that this year’s Touch ID button will not be button at all. Making use of the company’s 3D Touch tech, the pad will be touch-sensitive. All user need to do is rest their finger on the button. Some sources claim that it will still be a button though, only that touch sensitivity will be added to it.

Apple Inc. is known for keeping things quiet, especially when it comes to its product launches. Although none of the rumors have been confirmed, when it comes to Apple products, they tend to be spot-on with one or two deviations. The Cupertino firm certainly loses nothing from the talks though. Year after year, they get people talking about the devices months ahead of their launches. We look forward to mid-September to see just how far from the truth we all are.

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