Don’t Let Apple iPhone Calendar Spam Ruin Your Day (AAPL)


According to a report from Forbes, Apple Inc. needs to quickly respond to rising levels of calendar spam in its iPhones and iPads devices. The report suggested that more and more users, mostly from the United States, are complaining about unwanted invites in the calendar application related to products they never asked for. The users are frustrated because they are unable to block those invites. And they want the tech giant to fix the calendar spamming as soon as possible.

The calendar app “allows invites to be sent by unauthenticated users and pushed directly to a handset.” The media reported that users get an alert on the calendar app as well as a text message. “Depending how you have set up your device you might get a ‘useful’ notification that you have no choice but to read and clear,” according to the report.

“Right now I’m getting an invite every day or two to buy Ugg Boots or remember to purchase some Chinese-sourced Ray Bans. All of which I never asked for. These invites are awkward and quick to deal with, but the process is tiresome and it is starting to get annoying. I hope the spammers do not start to lean heavily on this new channel (either one organization turning the taps on full, or multiple organizations deciding to exploit this new route and creating a logjam) because it could get time-consuming and painful very quickly,” Ewan Spence writes in Forbes.

Solution To Calendar Spamming

Customers are looking for a permanent solution to the calendar spam issue because “the success of this route to potential customers will become a popular route for spammers.”

Talking about the possible solution, the Forbes report mentioned that the tech giant can help customers by allowing them to mark invites as spam and blacklist addresses, as well as the company can do something to stop a flood of invites from a single source.

“If this can be implemented quickly then calendar spam would be nothing more than a short-term annoyance. If there’s one thing that spammers are good at, it’s working out how to send a tsunami of messages to make the tiny percentage rate of replies into a successful business,” according to the report.

Until Apple Inc. finds a permanent solution to this issue, users can push all spam requests into a separate calendar and then deleting that calendar deletes all the entries.

Additionally, users can try to change iCloud calendar settings from your desktop to invite notifications from ‘in-app’ to ’email’ and use email client to filter the spam.

Apple should act quickly to address the rising levels of calendar spam. We can expect the next iOS update with a permanent solution for the calendar app.

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Apple Dealing with iPhone 6s Issues

Apple Inc. is at work to fix problems in some of iPhone 6s devices.

Recently, the tech giant decided to replace the batteries of some iPhone 6S phones with a fault causing unexpected shut down for free. But a report from a Korean business publication suggested that the company is struggling to replace faulty batteries in some iPhone 6s smartphones and failed to supply sufficient quantities just in time.

In addition to the battery-replacement program, the tech giant also announced a repair program for iPhone 6 Plus devices. The company is offering a repairing service for iPhone 6 Plus with display problems for $149 provided that the screen wasn’t cracked or broken.

In other news, Apple is expected to release a new iPhone next year with a 3D camera.

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