Apple iPhone 7 Buzz Ends, iPhone 8 Leaks and Rumors Take Spotlight


Next year’s iPhone 8 from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is already stealing headlines, less than two months after the launch of the iPhone 7. The strong following that the company has among consumers is undeniable. The launch of every new Apple gadget is known to send millions of buyers flocking to Apple Stores. However, it is not unusual for tech fans to be buzzing over new and upcoming Apple releases around this time of the year. One product in particular, the flagship iPhone, is currently a rave among premium handset buyers.

As the novelty of the latest iPhone 7 begins to fade, Apple fans begin to direct their attention to the 2017 upgrade. The company has said nothing official about the next iPhone. However, rumors, alleged leaks and experts comments about the device surge across the web. If these are anything to go by, then next Fall should see the arrival of an incredible device.

Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone 8
iPhone 8 rendering by iPhoneconcepts.com

The alleged specs of the iPhone 8 are starting to eclipse those of the iPhone 7. The highlights include the adoption of new screen tech, a glass chassis, an iris scanner and a way to keep the iPhone alive for much longer.

Apple Inc. switches things up

Consumers who are familiar with the iPhone’s naming pattern might be expecting an S upgrade for the iPhone 7 in 2017. KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kou says this isn’t likely to happen. The analyst is confident that “iPhone 7S” would be a title too subtle for what will be the firm’s 10th Anniversary iPhone.

“There’s a good chance that Apple may skip directly to the next full number, naming the 2017 iPhone the iPhone 8,” Kpu reports.


It is reported that the 2017 iPhone will feature an OLED screen. This is supported by reputable Apple Inc. suppliers and top industry analysts. The premium handset market saw the mass adoption of OLED screens several years back, leaving LCD looking like old generation tech. Despite famously including 4K resolution, the iPhone is usually critiqued for holding back with its display tech.

OLED is imperfect and comes with its fair share of setbacks. However, it would offer the iPhone more durability as it is flexible and less likely to crack or scratch. The display tech also offers better color contrasts. This adds depth to darker shades and makes colors more vivid. Faster responses can be derives from OLED screens as well.

Glass iPhone 8 from Apple

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is suspected to be giving the glass bodied iPhone another go. The company hasn’t toyed around with the concept since the iPhone 4S 5 years ago. The unique appearance is thought to have played a significant part in driving iPhone sales. Sources like Macrumors say Apple will probably try something similar next year.

Experts who oppose the idea point out the company’s obsession with minimalism and light weight gadgets. Apple has been reliably slimming the iPhone down since the first upgrade. Doubters say reintroducing a glass iPhone would make the device heavier and more fragile. But lightweight and durable glass, such as Gorrila Glass, are coming to the fore on mobile handsets. Five years after ditching its glass chassis, it is possible for Apple to incorporate glass on the iPhone without any significant change to its weight.

Iris scanner

Former lead contestant of the iPhone 7, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, excited the tech world with the impressive introduction of an iris scanner for added security. Apple is said to be doing the same next year. Reports that suggest this have died down somewhat, but it would be an appreciated addition to the iPhone’s praised security.

Sources claim that the makers of the iPhone are working tirelessly at making long-distance wireless charging a reality. This is perhaps the most unlikely rumor in circulation, but is a great concept to entertain. The idea of being able to keep your handset alive by keeping it tethered to a wireless charge should add great appeal to the iPhone 8.

Price guess

The iPhone 8 is expected to get a price hike next year, with the like of PC Advisor pegging it at $750 for the standard device. TheThe smartphone should be launched in September 2017.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) launched its latest iPhone just a few short weeks ago. This year’s iPhone 7 came with a few distinct features, some of which, like the audio jack’s removal, lead to a lot of negativity being thrown at the device. However, the naysayers appear to have either quieted down or changed their tune and industry analysts predict Apple iPhone 7 will sell relatively well throughout the holiday-shopping season.

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