Apple Inc. iPhone 8 Specs Revealed in Suspicious, Mind-Blowing Leaks

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is working on the iPhone 8 right now, but we’re already pretty sure what to expect. Why is that? It’s because for the last few weeks the company itself has been supplying what appear to be the exact iPhone 8 specs. Why it’s doing so, or why it won’t explain what’s going on, are the real questions.

There have been small iPhone 8 leaks from Apple over the last few months. These apparently became such an internal problem that CEO Tim Cook started a program to put an end to leaks. Then something truly weird happened. Apple, like an indie video game developer starting an Alternate Reality Game, started directly dropping hints.

Most of these hints have been decoded by careful developers spending time in the HomePod firmware. That code was released to the public weeks ago, despite the hardware not coming to market in December.

New iPhone 8 specs emerge

The puzzle that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has given the world to solve isn’t an easy one. The HomePod firmware isn’t a simple piece of code. It’s hundreds of thousands of lines of code, each more obfuscated and strange than the last.

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 design

Despite that, those with familiarity of Apple’s systems have spent a lot of time pinning down the references. The latest leak gets more specific than anything we’ve seen before. Sleuth Steve Troughton Smith has found the exact measurements that the firm is using for the “notch” in the screen.

The “notch” is the speaker and camera part of the iPhone 8 that will protrude into the screen. According to he specs we’ve seen, the status bar on the new smart phone will organize itself around that protrusion, rather than trying to avoid it.

When rumors of the “notch” first emerged, there was a lot of push back from people saying that Jony Ive and the rest of the Cupertino design team would never welcome such an ugly compromise. The iPhone 8 design has now been all but confirmed, however, so there’s very little more argument to be had.

Apple Inc. keeps leaking

This isn’t the first time that we’ve had the “notch” confirmed, of course, though getting the actual iPhone 8 design measurements before launch is special. An icon also discovered in the HomePod code showed us a good idea of what we’re getting on the iPhone 8 release date.

From that code we’ve also heard about Face ID, the new system the iPhone 8 will use to unlock user devices. That tech may be used for more than just unlocking. It appears that it will, like Touch ID, be possible to use Face ID for payment verification and to change the behavior of the phone in general when the user is looking at it. One possible use would be to silence notifications when the user has the phone pointed at their face.

On top of that we know we’ll be getting an enhanced camera for augmented reality on the device, and a virtualized home button that will appear and disappear when needed.

Leaks from traditional sources, i.e. Taiwanese supply chains, have also been flowing this year. The problem is that they’ve been completely overshadowed by the apparently trustworthy information coming from inside Apple itself.

Is Apple inc. iPhone 8 specs on purpose?

How is it we’re getting so much information on the iPhone 8 specs before launch? There are a few plausible explanations. Before delving into them, however, it’s important to note that the HomePod software isn’t the only leak we’ve gotten from inside Cupertino.

We’ve also seen an article from Fast Company, sourced from people close to the project, about delays to the iPhone 8 release date. On top of that, we’ve heard from inside the firm about a big “anti-leaks” meeting that was run recently in Cupertino.

So, we have at least three substantial leaks from inside the company: the Fast Company article, the anti-leaks meeting and the HomePod code. What could have caused so much more info to leak directly from Apple this year?

Apple iPhone 8 Mockup 1

There’s only three general roads an explanation can follow: incompetence, malice, purpose. The first is possible in that these could be a few separate mistakes or oversights from the firm. The second, similarly, could be happening. There could be disgruntled employees inside Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) that are acting out by leaking.

The third option is possibly the most interesting, however. It may simply be true that all of these leaks are part of a coordinated or semi-coordinated strategy on the firm’s behalf. It hasn’t made any public statements to the contrary, and it may work wonders for its marketing.

Apple stock rests on the iPhone 8

It seems clear now that Tim Cook is ready to set the iPhone 8 release date before September 30.

Perhaps it’s time for Wall Street to begin taking the Apple leaks seriously. It seems that the company has some sort of major internal problem that’s getting in the way of its information control.

Tim Cook and his crew have always been masters of information flows. It’s never been clear, however, how much the firm trafficked in managed leaks.

Apple Watch iPhone Healthkit

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may be managing these leaks on purpose, but most investors simply can’t know that. All we’re seeing in the public eye is a bumbling, undisciplined wander toward the iPhone 8 release date. That’s something that nobody would really associate with Cupertino.

Wall Street is, perhaps, too blinded by the iPhone 8 release date to pay much mind to these questions. If Tim Cook is having a few of data discipline issues , what will it matter to the firm’s earnings? On the other hand, the iPhone 8 has become larger than anything else in the eyes of investors.

2017 was, perhaps, the first year that investors gave up on Apple stock as diversified in any way. Services growth is slowing, the Apple Watch and the iPad have pretty niche sales numbers, and the Apple Car died before it left the garage. Now Apple is a “global smart phone seller.” With the iPhone 8, bulls are expecting it to have its best year ever in that business.

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