Apple Inc. iPhone 7 Specs, Release Date Lack a WOW Factor

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Apple Inc. stock may be suffering from worries about sales of the iPhone 6S, but those with a longer term view of the firm may be better off looking ahead. According to one of the most adept Apple supply chain analysts on the planet, the firm has set the iPhone 7 release date for September next year. The date isn’t exactly a surprise, but there may be some wow factor on the iPhone 7 specs.
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Mr. Kuo, who works for KGI Securities, says that Apple will begin to ramp up production of the device in the third quarter in order to hit a September iPhone 7 release date. That matches the launch timing that the firm has set for its smart phones in recent years, and coming from Mr. Kuo seems like a very likely iPhone 7 release date.

Apple won’t put iPhone 7 release date early

The iPhone 7 release date revealed by Mr. Kuo goes against a rumor reported by Apple Insider early on this year. The outlet said that a source familiar with Apple’s plans reported that Cupertino’s execs were considering an earlier release date.

Apple Inc.  hasn’t changed its September launch cycle in years, and that report met with quite a lot of resistance as a result. It turns out, as Mr. Kuo has been saying for quite a long time, that Apple is going to launch its 4-inch iPhone in the first quarter of 2016, and the rumors of an early launch appear to stem from that product.

For the time being it seems safe to assume that Apple is going to set the iPhone 7 release date in September of next year, around about the same time that each of the most recent models have been launched. That says nothing about the iPhone 7 specs, however, and lots of people are wondering how Apple is going to impress this time around.

iPhone 7 specs aren’t very interesting

The iPhone 7 specs we’ve seen so far aren’t exactly going to make most people stop buying themselves, or a loved one, the iPhone 6S this holiday season. Mr. Kuo’s main information involves the size and shape of the device. He reckons that Apple’s going to shrink the device to between 6 and 6.5mm. The iPhone 6s is 7.1mm thick.

On top of that almost everybody expects the iPhone 7 to house the A10 processor as its driving force. Rumors that Apple is working on its own graphics chip notwithstanding, the firm is likely to give a large boost to graphics power this time around, but likely in the form of a chip built by TSMC.

The iPhone 7 specs will put 3D Touch close tot he top of the bill. Apple’s new form of device interaction is still very much developing and it will be interesting to see what the firm’s legion of devs will do with the option on the second generation of the processor.

Unfortunately, that’s about all we can be sure about when it comes to the iPhone 7 specs. Other likely rumors include a boost to resolution on the displays and an increase in the RAM offered on the devices. What we really don’t know is what big ticket iPhone 7 specs Apple will use to sell the device.

What’s the iPhone 7 wow factor

Everything we know about the iPhone 7 specs so far is more or less in the normal flow of things. It will come with an A10 processor that’s going to be very fast, it’s going to be super-thin and it’s going to look very very good. What we don’t know right now is what feature Apple Inc. will push as the big reason to buy the phone.

There’s always some headline change in each new iPhone release, but we’ve only heard slight rumors o that this time around. Here’s a look at some of the major ones, and the reasons for and against them.

iPhone 7 will be a major redesign

We know that the iPhone 7 design is going to different from that of the iPhone 6S, but Apple is restrained in a lot of directions. The firm is going to keep the screen size the same this time around, and it’s likely to keep the aspect ratio of the device similar in order to keep apps in working order.

Apple could make changes and put the iPhone 7 design front and center, but those alterations would need to be huge. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray reckons there’s a 50 percent chance that Apple will get rid of the Home button this time around. That’s the sort of change that could result in the iPhone 7 design being made its killer feature, and it might just be enough to attract a lot of eyes to the device.

At this stage, however, it seems too early for Apple to go pulling hard buttons off of the iPhone 7. We’ll have to wait and see, but without some kind of dramatic twist, there’s little chance that the iPhone 7 design will be the major selling point. It’s going to be thin, but that wasn’t enough to save sales of the iPad Air, and it’s not likely Apple will rely on that gimmick again to carry its sales numbers.

iPhone 7 camera will change everything

There’s been a lot of rumors about what Apple Inc. could do with a new camera. The firm acquired LinX, an Israeli start up that makes dual-sensor cameras that boost image quality earlier on this year.

The camera really is a major selling point for the iPhone for many people, and if the iPhone 7 feature list included some dramatic improvement in image capture it could indeed be the kind of headline that Apple needs to sell its next big phone.

Waterproofing the iPhone?

This one is a little bit out of left field, but Apple has proven adept at selling people features they didn’t know they wanted. The iPhone 7 specs may come replete with advanced waterproofing features. That rumor has been widely talked about, but its source is a patent application which is not a great indicator for iPhone 7 specs.

Waterproofing could be a great addition to the iPhone 7 feature list, but it’s not likely to be a major coup for Apple. Other waterproof phones have come and gone, none of them leaving a major mark on the psyche. Meanwhile Apple has been making its own smart phones more and more waterproof without ever mentioning the feature.

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