Apple Inc. Has Made A Huge Design Mistake [Report]

Apple Inc. may have spent $5 billion and countless years on its new headquarters, but the firm appears to have failed on the design, at least for some employees. According to Business Insider‘s Kif Leswing, employees are uncomfortable in their new home.

Apple Park, the name of the new HQ complex, has an open floor office plan. As with so many other businesses, the change has not been met enthusiastically by employees. Engineers will no longer have cubicles to work in, instead all sitting at the same long tables all day.

That appears to have caused some friction, and some of the teams have reportedly refused to work from the new office building.

Apple Inc. headquarters annoys employees

According to the report from Business Insider, sources inside Cupertino have been complaining. The sources cited aren’t exactly credible, however, and the story should certainly be taken with a grain of salt. The major quote comes from tech podcast Daring Fireball.

On that show the hosts shared a report they’d heard “third hand” about the new Cupertino complex’ design. Apparently, according to the podcast, the reason that the Silicon team, which designs chips like the A10 and A11, isn’t in the new building is the design. Jonny Sroujim, head of that division, “was like, ‘F— this, my team isn’t working like this,” said commentator John Gruber.

Apple Inc. plans to host about 13,000 employees in the “space ship”. Thats a little over half of the employees that it has in the Silicon Valley area right now.

The firm’s cloud and services team is planning on staying put in the old headquarters building in “Infinite Loop,” according to a Bloombgrouperg report from last year.

Just because some employees are trying to avoid the move, however, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong at Apple. Anybody with experience in a big organization will know that inertia is an incredibly hard force to overcome.

Apple stock focused on the iPhone 8 release date

All of the talk about employee morale isn’t likely to do much to move Apple stock. The firm’s future rests on the release of its next great smart phone. The iPhone 8 release date, if Apple’s guidance can be trusted, appears to be set for the end of September.

The Apple “space ship” campus acts as more than just a home for its employees, though. The firm has put out multiple press releases about the design of the building. That means it’s trying to make it a symbol of everything that Apple Inc. stands for.

If the complaints of the employees are right, the subtext could be that the firm stands for idealistic design ahead of human ergonomics. For those who remember the “you’re holding it wrong” excuse, that could be a good way to sum up the firm’s philosophy.

Those holding Apple stock will be hoping that issue doesn’t repeat with the iPhone 8 release. The device is going to have more new technology than any previous release according to rumors. That means more scope for consumer issues and ergonomic mistakes.

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