Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Pay Is The Reason Apple Watch Will Succeed

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Apple Inc.  has a strategy to secure its future, even though Wall Street isn’t giving it support right now. A new survey from Wristly, a group that tracks user metrics for the Apple Watch, shows why the device can’t be deemed a failure, even if sales aren’t all that strong. Apple Pay is the reason that the Watch works, and it is working.

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Wristly, in a survey of more than 1,000 Watch owners, found that 80 percent were using Apple Pay. that number is much higher than the rate of adoption on the iPhone 6, the first device that Apple allowed buyers to pay with. The Wristly data isn’t exactly perfect, but it shines a light on the importance of the Apple Watch, and the future of the device.

Apple Pay drives Apple Watch

Apple  isn’t using a razor and blade model with the Apple Watch. Both the hardware and the software will make money for the firm, and each will be used to drive the other.

Apple Pay is easy to use on the Watch. Once a user is used to it, it becomes second nature and is one of the many ways in which the Apple Watch offers an improvement in everyday life.

The survey showed that 5 percent of Watch owners “do not perceive a benefit” from the payment service. 5 percent said they had security concerns while an additional 15 percent said they used another form of payment instead.

The huge rate of Pay use on the Watch is great stat for Apple. It shows that its payment service and its wearable computer are strongly linked in usage patterns, and that they will sell each other in the years ahead.

People will buy the Apple Watch because they want to use Pay. People who use pay a lot are more likely to buy a Watch to make it easy.

Apple Watch lovers say the appeal is not based on one thing the device can do, it’s based on the many small things it does every single day. Paying with Apple Pay appears to be one of those things, and if the Wristly data is right, something that is in question, people love using it.

Asking about the Apple Watch

Apple  has always liked to hide data from investors and users, that’s part of being a major company. The firm has kept data about the Watch even more close to the chest however. Tim Cook says he doesn’t want the competition fining out about how the device is doing before it has room to breathe.

Wristly used data from more than 1,000 Watch users in the UK and US, but it asked them to sign up in order to be part of the study. The firm’s inner circle of Watch lovers are all owners of the device, and all willing to sign up for market research with no benefit to them.

It’s likely that there is some bias toward Apple gadgets and services in the Wristly study, and it may not represent the full population of Watch users.

That doesn’t mean the data is entirely useless, however. There is a clear bias toward Cupertino services among those that use the firm’s devices. It’s likely that a disproportionate number of those that have shelled out for the Watch are using the firm’s payment processing tech.

The Wristly data may be a little bit hopeful, but that doesn’t make it entirely wrong. Apple Watch owners love Pay, and the service and hardware will likely sell each other in the months ahead.

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