Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 8 Rumors Make iPhone 7 Look Weak

Apple Inc (NSDAQ:AAPL) iPhone SE

Apple Inc.’s iPhone 7 is several weeks away from being launched, but its nearing release hasn’t stopped rumors about next year’s iPhone 8 from cropping up either. The iPhone 7 range may be more immediate, but online talks claim that the iPhone 8 will be a whole lot more exciting. The 2017 iPhone will be the 10th anniversary handset from Apple. As such, the company is said to be building a revolutionary device to match the iPhone’s 10 year milestone.

The words “curved” and “OLED” are often used to describe the 2017 iPhone. Rumors have long said that Apple is switching to OLED displays on it handsets. Better yet, the screen could be curved like those seen on Samsung Galaxy devices. This rumor is confirmed by a patent filed by Apple, which shows the U.S. tech firm working on a curved OLED display.

Apple Inc (NSDAQ:AAPL) iPhone SE

No iPhone 7S cycle?

No, according to sources, Apple plans to skip the S cycle with the iPhone 7. It will go straight to 8. The S cycle usually gets a few minor tech innovations that bridge to the next iPhone number.

“There might be no ‘S’ cycle in 2017,” says Barclays’ Mark Moskowitz. “Our conversations with industry participants suggest Apple could skip the ‘S’ cycle next year and instead jump to 8.”

Why OLED displays?

Simply, OLED is more efficient and a lot more durable. Apple Inc.  seems to realize that it is high time its devices took a step up in terms of durability. The iPhone is recognized as a premium handset brand but its resistance to damage doesn’t match its price tag, users believe. This is actually one of the biggest complains about the gadget range and the Apple Watch had a similar sentiments raised in most reviews.

Earlier this year, comments from Apple’s supply chain said that the company is reducing its current screen orders. The Cupertino firm is thought to be dealing with a few new suppliers to that can produce OLED displays at the rate the company needs in 2017.

“OLED displays can be lighter, they can be flexible, and they allow designers more leeway with the shape of their devices.” This statement was made by Guillaume Chansin, who is the senior technology expert at IDTechEx. “OLED displays can make phone screens shatterproof, or even foldable.”

Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 8, iPhone 7

He goes on to explain that better graphics can be derived from OLED. It is also energy efficient and much less fragile that other screen materials. Other screen materials like LCD require colors like black to actually be shone for it to show. OLED creates black pixels by leaving the respective pixels blank. This translate to less energy used when displaying images.

Samsung is among the biggest producers of OLED screens and is rumored to be among the companies supplying Apple with their OLEDs next year. Even though OLED patents have been filed, some point out that tech giants like Apple file numerous patents a year. Many of these actually never reach public marketing though.

More Apple iPhone talk

The iPhone 8 could have a camera of around 14 megapixels. Reports also claim the front camera could be around 5 megapixels. It will run on iOS 11, have Apple’s A11 chip and be a lot more curved than an iPhone ever made.

Adding truth to the durability goals set by Apple is the enhanced waterproof quality said to feature on the iPhone 7. IP86 waterproofing should be instilled in this year’s iPhone, sources have said. A similar level of water resistance should be seen on the Apple Watch 2 as well.

As usual, the iPhone 8 should also come around in Fall 2017. It could have a much higher build-up than this year’s device though. Apple Inc.  really looks as if it doesn’t want to push its flagship product much this year. The iPhone 7 range is living up to talks that describe it as more or less a placeholder device. Apple could be saving a really mind-blowing gadget for its tenth anniversary.

But what are your thoughts on the iPhone 8? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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