Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 7 Specs Get Crazy, Release Date Rumors

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

Apple Inc. has likely been working on the design of the iPhone 7 for more than a year. Despite the fact the firm is still months and months away from the launch of the next generation of smart phone, those that design phones for Apple probably have a pretty good idea of the iPhone 7 specs, and the iPhone 7 release date, right now. Apple may be great at keeping secrets, but the world at large is great at guessing.

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

Those guesses likely aren’t right, and the world is better at guessing en masse than guessing with any kind of clarity or accuracy. The iPhone 7 specs are still only sure inside of Apple Inc., but here’s the wildest guesses at what the smart phone will look like.

Crazy iPhone 7 specs build up

Here’s a look at some of the more out there things that people want to see, or think they will see, on the iPhone 7 specs list. Some of them are just not doable right now, some of them are truly awful, and some of them just might work a few years down the line.

1. iPhone 7 comes with two cameras

Apple Inc. boosted the iPhone 6S camera big time, with a new 12MP sensor and some handy software. There’s nothing that says the firm can’t do so again next year, but the way the world imagines the changes seems a little unlikely.

Apple may have bought a firm that makes dual lens cameras, but that doesn’t means that the iPhone 7 specs will include something like that. The tech is likely to eat into Apple margins, look terrible, and it’s just not good enough, or small enough, just yet for Apple to work on for next year.

2. iPhone 7 specs turn plastic

Apple used to use plastic, but most of those that buy the firm’s products these days are in love with their metal cases, despite the problems they tend to bring.

A rumor from a Japan-based tech site in September promised that the iPhone 7 specs wouldn’t include any metal at all. A return to plastic is on the cards says Macotakara.jp. The all plastic design will, says the site, help make the device both safe in water and safe from dust. Given the the latest smartphone from Apple is pretty good against both of those, it’s not clear the firm would need to migrate to plastic any time soon.

It’s really not likely that Apple will return to plastic with the iPhone 7 specs, at least not unless we see a third phone appear on the iPhone 7 release date.

3. Sensitive iPhone 7 casing

This rumor imagines an Apple phone that would respond not only to swipes and taps on the screen, but also to gestures on the back and sides of the device. The iPhone 7 specs aren’t likely to call for the control system, which seems more than a little bit inelegant.

The tech, which the patent filing says is more precise than just using a touch screen, was filed with the US Patent office back in 2013, but only awarded last Summer. Apple, with its better touch screens and its new 3D Touch feature, is very far away from asking us to paste with a tap to the Apple logo rather than the screen.

4. Bendy Screens

While it’s true that Apple does now hold a patent for a screen that bends, it’s not likely you’re going to be able to roll up your iPhone 7 and put it in some kind of cylinder-shaped case. It’s not likely, either, that Apple is going to make a screen that runs over the edge of the phone like that of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

These concepts have been common in recent months, ever since Apple was given that patent and Samsung revealed its bent-screen phone, but there’s too many disadvantages for Apple to bother with right now.

This is one of those things that Apple is clearly playing with, however, and there’s no way of knowing whether it will pop up in an iPhone in the future. For the iPhone 7 specs, however, it’s likely ruled out.

5. No Home button

Another rumor based on a patent from Apple, the advent of 3D Touch has lead some to believe that Apple is ready to get rid of the Home button altogether. A recent patent showed that a certain kind of press on the screen itself could be used in order to read fingerprints. 3D Touch could replace the other uses of the Home button pretty quickly.

Apple just isn’t there yet, however, and the iPhone 7 specs will likely include the same kind of Touch ID reader that your last iPhone did.

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 release date may save sales

Those with money behind Apple are looking at a tough year ahead. Wall Street has warned that the firm’s recent phone release may have lower sales than that which cam before it for the first time. That has hurt stock, and it’s a major concern for those running Apple right now, at least judging by Tim Cook’s interference.

The iPhone 7 release date will bring a revolution in the smart phone, at least according to those with the highest hopes for Apple. That, should it come to pass, would take a lot of pressure off of Cupertino, and could result in stock heading higher once again. It’s too bad, then, that the iPhone 7 release date is so far away.

With the iPhone 6S just put on the shelves at the end of September, Apple is going to take a breather before it brings another phone to market. Given the pattern the firm has painted for the last four years it seems that we’ve got close to twelve months to wait for the iPhone 7 release date.

Given the fact that Apple stuck to that pattern so well in 2015, it seems that the firm will set the iPhone 7 release date on September 30, or possibly September 23, of next year.

Most of the ideas above are likely too far fetched for Apple to bother with. The iPhone 7 will retain the class of those that came before it. It’s not going to look to rock the boat with any half-baked features designed to grab attention rather than improve a user’s life.

The iPhone 7 release date will bring a great phone with it, but the above features are too out there for Apple to move forward with right now.

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