Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Release Date, Specs Clearer on Rumors

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

Apple Inc. is over the launch of the iPhone 6S by now, and the firm is working hard on its next big release. It seems pretty clear that we’re getting the iPhone 7 next time around, and rumors are flying about both its specs and when Apple will release the next great smartphone.

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

It’s early days yet, and there isn’t that much concrete information out there about the iPhone 7 specs and release date just yet. Some analyst info, and some rumors from less reliable sources, have given us a picture of what the phone will look like however. Here’s our round up of the iPhone 7 specs rumors, and our best guess about the iPhone 7 release date.

iPhone 7 specs look smaller than ever

Apple broke a key trend with the release of the iPhone 6S. The device is actually thicker than the iPhone 6, by a cool .2mm. That’s the first time Apple has tried to sell us a phone that’s thicker, but sales numbers seem to suggest people don’t really mind. Even with those sales figures, however, it seems that Apple is going to keep to the old trend with the iPhone 7 specs.

Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst with Taiwan’s KGI Securities, is one of the most reliable analysts out there when it comes to iPhone rumors. He hasn’t given us much on the iPhone 7 specs just, yet, but he has delivered one report which promises that the iPhone 7 will be the thinnest phone that Apple has ever made.

Kuo says that the iPhone 7 specs list calls for the device to be between 6 and 6.5mm thick. That’s as thin as the latest generation of iPod Touch, but it will include all the latest tech from Apple, including 3D Touch and the Touch ID fingerprint reader.

Rumors from the supply chain say that Apple is going to change the way it recognizes your touch in order to  make such a thin device possible. Digitimes says that the firm will switch to using G/G technology in order to drive the iPhone 7 touch screen system.

iPhone 7 may not have a bezel

The G/G screen tech, which means glass on glass, won’t just be able to make the iPhone 7 specs thinner, it will also allow the device to do something that Apple fans have wanted for a long time. Apple might take the bezels off of the next smart phone it releases, and that will give it a glorious edge-to-edge display.

There will still be a top and bottom bezel on the iPhone 7, at least until Apple gets rid of the home button, but on the sides the screen will touch the casing, giving a fluid, all screen feel, and reality, to the device. The same idea has been tested by other smart phone makers, including a new release from Sharp, but its use in the iPhone 7 would have much more impact.

There are also rumors that Apple is going to make the iPhone 7 screen bend, giving it features like that of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Those rumors are mostly sourced from patents that Apple has filed that show its interest in making a screen that can bend. It’s not clear if Apple is going to use a system like that, though some fans are hoping for that combined with the lack of a bezel, among the iPhone 7 specs.

Charge your iPhone 7 with no wires

The iPhone 7 may include a tech that Apple hasn’t approached just yet- wireless charging. The tech, that allows you to charge your phone by sitting it on a plate rather than plugging it in. The charging method is common in a lot of high end Android phones, as well as phones that run on Windows, and rumors suggest that Cupertino is going to give it a go with the iPhone 7.

Most of our knowledge about wireless charging in the iPhone 7 comes from a new patent published by the US Patent Office. The claim, which was filed by Apple, shows that Apple is planning to build wireless charging right into the structure of the phone.

Using the vibrating coil that allows the phone to alert you to notifications, the iPhone 7 will be able to charge on contact with a plate, making it much easier for you not to worry about how much time you have left, and when you should plug the smart phone in.

The big problem for Apple with wireless charging has been the metal case used on its devices. That’s not going to be a problem with the iPhone 7, however. Qualcomm has reportedly created a wireless charging standard that will allow a device to charge through metal. That means the iPhone 7 will still have a beautiful aluminum casing, and be able to charge without a USB cable.

iPhone 7 release date is right on schedule

Apple has built up a fairly reliable schedule with its release dates at this point. The iPhone 7 release date is likely to come toward the end of September next year, despite any problems that the firm might have with getting the parts needed for the device.

With the release of the iPhone 6S there were rumors that there might be supply constraints with the tech needed for 3D Touch. There were major problems when the Apple Watch first arrived with the supply of certain parts that held back shipments of that device.

Apple , despite those rumors, came through and shipped more devices than ever on the opening weekend. Tony Sacconaghi of Bernstein even suggested that those with Apple shares should be wary of the firm’s sales numbers because of the massive supply on release.

The iPhone 7 specs, as we’ve seen, may include more new tech than any other smart phone release from Apple in recent years. Apple’s performance in 2015 means that’s not likely to disrupt the iPhone 7 release date.

Given the firm’s talent for supply chain issues, and the pattern the firm has built up, we reckon the iPhone 7 release date will come on one of two dates at the end of September 2016. Apple always puts its latest phone up for sale on a Friday, that means either the Friday September 23 2016, or Friday September 30 2016 are likely.

Until then, we’ll be watching for leaks from the supply chain, patents, and info from analysts in order to build up a better picture of the iPhone 7 specs. Some Apple fans weren’t all that excited by the iPhone 6S, so they’ll be waiting for Apple to really impress next year.

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