Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Release Date in 15 Days: 7 Excuses to Buy

iPhone 7 release date and specs

Apple Inc. has set the iPhone 7 release date for September 9, and the world is buzzing with rumors about what the iPhone 7 specs will bring to the table. Leaks from the supply chain, many of them through KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, have already given us a good idea of what to expect.

iPhone 7 release date and specs
A custom gold iPhone 5

As we wait for Tim Cook, Craig Federighi, Jony Ive and the rest of the Apple team to confirm the iPhone 7 specs, here’s a look at seven major reasons that will give you an excuse to upgrade to the iPhone 7. This is based on the specs we think are going to be there once it arrives in stores on September 18, but Apple may surprise us at the event.

1) Force Touch is great

Force Touch will give you new ways to use the iPhone 7, and it’s the major reason that even those with an iPhone 6 are likely to think about an upgrade this time around. Every new smart phone from Apple has a major feature that makes an upgrade seem like a good idea, but Force Touch could change almost everything about a user’s time with their phone.

Tim Arcuri of Wall Street research house Cowen and Co. says that “It takes a two-dimensional screen and basically makes it three-dimensional.” It’s going to give those that make apps for iOS new methods of control, and it will take a lot of taps from your journey to getting what you want.

The iPhone 7 specs will rely on Force Touch as a headline, but that’s not the only reason to get your hands on it.

2) iPhone 7 speed boost

With each new release Apple  boosts the speed of the chip, but the iPhone 7 specs will bring a bigger jump than most that came before. Travis McCourt from Raymond James says that a bump to 2GB of RAM in the device will result in a “significantly better use experience.” The increase in ability won’t stop there.

Srini Sundararajan of Summit Research reckons that the real show will be the A9 chip that Apple puts in the iPhone 7. Mr. Sundararajan is looking for “Killer performance” from the next gen of iPhone, and he thinks it will make the difference to users and those on the fence about an upgrade.

3) iPhone 7 battery life

There’s nothing sexy in the mAh part of the iPhone 7 spec sheet, but it’s something that could make a major difference in your life. Apple, with the extra room it will have in the thicker iPhone 7, may be able to fit a bigger power pack into the phone. Even if it chooses to keep the power numbers the same, many think the next gen will last longer.

iPhone 7 will launch with iOS 9. That means it will come with Low Power mode as standard. Low Power Mode will allow users to save on energy by auto-stalling apps in the background when the phone is low on juice.

On top of that Mr. Sundararajan of Summit reckons that the next release from Apple will use less power even as it speeds up performance. He reckons that the A9 chip will be much easier on the battery, despite how much faster it’s likely to be.

4) Camera tech in the iPhone 7

People love to take pictures with their phone, and the iPhone 7 camera will make them better than ever. Ming Chi Kuo says that Apple will put a 12 MP sensor in the release, boosting the clarity and sharpness of the image that it will create.

On top of the boost that Apple is giving to the iPhone 7 camera, the firm is also working on a lot of stuff in the background in order to make it work better than any other phone camera on the market. Hamza Sood, an Apple  dev working with iOS 9, says that part of the update will focus on making Selfies on the iPhone 7 better than ever before.

5) iPhone 7 will be stronger, and prettier

The iPhone 7 specs we’ve seen leaked call for the use of Series 7000 Aluminum. That’s the metal that’s used in the Apple Watch right now, and it’s likely to make the device stronger than the last major release.

Some were scared of buying the iPhone 6 because of the “Benghazi” story that said it would warp during normal use. Though there’s some argument about whether that really happened, it did scare people away from Apple’s last smart phone. With the iPhone 7 those fears will be nowhere to be seen.

The 7000 Series Aluminum isn’t the only change that Apple will make to the outside of the iPhone 7. The device will come in a range of new colors, including a Rose Gold, which will be an overtly pretty option for those who want to show off their taste in iPhones.

6) You can’t be left out

The iPhone 7 release date will mark the start of a second year in which Apple  sells a device with a 6 inch screen. All of the major apps for the device will be made with that in mind, and those with older phones will likely notice text getting harder to read, a phone that lags, and, sometimes, apps that just won’t support their screen size.

That pain is real for those still using devices like the iPhone 4S, and it’s bound to become more and more of a factor as sales of the iPhone 7 mean that a huge number of users are using a large-screened device.

Sherri Scribner of Deutsche Bank reckons that Apple will sell 250M iPhones in fiscal year 2015. iPhone 7 sales will come on top of that, and, if Wall Street is right, amount to more than 200M. Close to half a billion people will have a 6 inch iPhone at this time next year, and devs will focus on them at the expense of those who haven’t updated.

7) iPhone 7 release date is at the end of your contract

Really there’s one major factor that drives people to upgrade their smart phone. When a wireless contract ends, your carrier will likely offer to subsidize a new device in order to keep you with them. Few enough people are likely to pay cash for the iPhone 7 and, in reality, the major reason to upgrade is if the iPhone 7 release date falls close to the end of your contract.

The way wireless carriers work in the US is changing, and firms like Verizon are now more willing to let you decide when you want to upgrade to the next smart phone. Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray reckons that will help demand for the iPhone 7 rise in the US.

The next time you renew your contract you might want to think about one of those a la carte agreements. It will remove the “my contract is up” reason to upgrade to the iPhone 7. That will letyou decide when you need a new phone, and why it’s September 19 2015.

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