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Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 7 Release Date and Specs: What the Analysts Think

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

Apple Inc.  is busy at work making the iPhone 7, and those with cell contracts are putting off an upgrade in order to get the latest tech from Tim Cook’s team. There’s a lot of ideas out there about how the iPhone 7 specs will end up, and when Apple will set the release date.

iPhone 7c Apple Inc. release

We’ve rounded up all the best guesses, some more informed than others, from analysts on Wall Street and in the tech world. Here’s a look at what they think the next smartphone from Apple will look like, and when the iPhone 7 release date will finally come around.

iPhone 7 specs center on Force Touch

Wall Street is more excited about Force Touch than any of the other rumored iPhone 7 specs. The tech, which was first seen in the new MacBook and the Apple Watch, is set to debut in a smart phone for the first time with the iPhone 7.

Tim Arcuri of Cowen and Co says that the tech will take “a two-dimensional screen and basically makes it three-dimensional.” He reckons app makers will take it and give users a new way to work with their smart phone. He said there will be “applications that sit below the top layer of the phone. You can press harder and access different functions and features. There’s a lot of different things they can do.”

Brian White of Cantor Fitzgerald agrees. He’s looking forward to “a lot of different features in how you interact with Force Touch and what it does that maybe we’re not thinking about yet.”

iPhone 7 specs are very different on the outside

Most of the smaller smart phone upgrades from Apple use the same case as the previous release. Details of the iPhone 7 specs show that we’ll be getting a changed shell this time around. Ming Chu Kuo of KGI Securities says that the changes will be two-fold, with both the color and material being altered in the iPhone 7.

The Series 7000 Aluminum used in the Apple Watch is going to make its way into the case of the next release from Apple according to Mr. Kuo. The metal alloy is stronger than that used in the iPhone 6 and should allow the iPhone 7 to be stronger, and less flexible, than the last phone from Apple.

Colors are also going to be changed in the iPhone 7. A Rose Gold, close to the color in the Apple Watch, will make its way onto the iPhone 7 says Kuo. He’s also looking for Space Gray to change to Space Black, bringing it in line with the color of the Apple  Watch.

The measurements of the device are also going to change a little this time around. The iPhone 7 will be a little bit thicker than the iPhone 7 at 6.1mm. The iPhone 6 comes in at 5.9mm.

We’re going to see two different sizes on the iPhone 7 release date. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will sport the same screens as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Jeffries, backed by Tim Arcuri of Cowen and Co. and Mr. Kuo of KGI, says that Apple was planning on building a smaller 4-inch iPhone 7, but gave up on that concept earlier this year.

iPhone 7 gets the usual upgrades

Most of the internals are going to follow the same path as past iPhone unveils. The iPhone 7 is going to sport the A9 processor, which is already being made by Samsung, and 2GB of RAM.

There is some controversy about whether the phone will offer 16GB of internal memory, or boost the lowest level to 32GB, but most analysts have predicted that 16GB of memory will indeed be the lowest amount in the iPhone 7.

The camera may be the biggest change in iPhone 7 specs apart from Force Touch. Ming Chu Kuo says that the new camera will have a 12MP sensor, bigger than anything in an iPhone to date.

A lot of major smart phone makers have a much higher MP count than the iPhone, and Apple has shown time and time again that it’s the software behind the camera that counts. Developer Hamza Sood delved into the iOS code and found that Apple is indeed focusing on that side of the camera with the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 release date remains a mystery

Though many seem sure of the specs, the iPhone 7 release date is still clouded in mystery. The firm could follow its usual patter and get the phone in stores for the last Friday of September.

Apple , according to a reading of its earnings report, may have pushed the release date back in order to give it time to make the device en masse.

Buzzfeed, in a report published on July 30, said that sources close to Apple revealed that the new Apple TV will be launched at an event in September. That adds weight to the idea that the new iPhone will arrive before the end of the third quarter.

It’s not likely that Apple will release a new iPhone and an Apple TV at separate events. If the Buzzfeed report rings true, the iPhone is likely going to be up for pre-order on September 18 and arrive in stores for the first time on September 25.

A leaked memo from UK carrier Vodafone had the same dates for the release of the iPhone. Unless there’s a change between now an then, it seems that September 25 will be the iPhone 7 release date. Apple has delayed the Apple TV before, however, making it easy for the firm to change the new launch date if it needs to.

Buzzfeed says that the long-awaited Apple TV service won’t launch at the big Apple event in September. For fans of the Cupertino firm, it seems that an iPhone 7 will have to do.

Waiting for the iPhone 7

With the iPhone 7 release date and specs taking shape, excitement for the next device from Apple is building. Wall Street isn’t looking for huge sales growth from the iPhone 7, and Sherri Scribner of Deutsche Bank reckons that Apple may actually grow slower than the rest of the market in the year ahead.

Slow growth for Apple still means more than 200m people waiting for the iPhone 7 release date. As we get closer to the release date more and more leaks from the supply chain will make the release date and specs of the iPhone 7 much clearer.

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