Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone 6S Specs: Here’s What We Got Wrong

Apple Inc. iPhone 7 specs and rumors

Apple Inc.  announced the iPhone 6S on Wednesday afternoon, and the web is buzzing with news of the device. We had a good idea of what the iPhone 6S specs would look like heading into the release thanks to Ming Chi Kuo and some leaks from the supply chain.

Looking back, some of the info we had was wrong. Here’s a look back at where the iPhone 6S specs and release date we had misfired.

We’re getting the iPhone 6S, not the iPhone 7

We thought that Apple might change the way it names its smart phones this year. The firm is going to start to look silly some time in the next decade. iPhone 16 doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Because of Force Touch, we thought that Apple might try to spur demand by claiming a major iPhone change this time around.

That didn’t happen. Apple kept its naming convention and gave us the iPhone 6S on September 9. Our hopes for an iPhone 7 this time around were dashed. We’re getting the iPhone 6S this month, but the specs were in line with the rumors we relayed, for the most part anyway.

iPhone 6S won’t have Force Touch

We didn’t get this one completely wrong. Apple  announced on September 9 that we’ll see a better breed of touch screen among the iPhone 6S specs. It won’t be called Force Touch, as it was on the Apple Watch and the new MacBook. With the iPhone 6S we’ll see 3D Touch for the first time.

3D touch will give users new ways to use the iPhone 6S. The tech is better than that offered in the Apple Watch, and it will give the device new ways to sense what you want to do with your device. 3D Touch allows users to make three different kind of impression on the iPhone 6S.

They’ll be able to do the old tap, a lighter peck, and a forceful press in order to goad the device into giving different sorts of info. It’s very like Force Touch on the Apple Watch, but 3D Touch is different.

Apple is still developing the tech that will change the way we deal with the iPhone forever. It’s likely that the firm is working on something that will allow its design team to take the Home button away from the iPhone forever, but that’s likely a few years away yet.

iPhone 6S release date is September 25

After the release of the Apple Watch Tim Cook and his team looked a little bit weak on their supply chain management. The Taptic Engine that ran the wearable had real trouble in supply. Ming Chi Kuo of KGI reported earlier this year that the iPhone release date could be pushed back as a result of supply problems with those parts.

We’ve gone over and back on this in recent months. Some rumors early on said that the iPhone 6S release date would be September 18, but Apple says the device will be in stores for the first time on September 25.

iPhone 6S price mirrors the iPhone 6

Earlier this year there were rumors that, in the wake of the release of the Apple Watch, we’d see real gold used in the iPhone 6S. That didn’t come to pass. Happy to capture the premium end of the market without extending into the ultra-luxury, Tim Cook announced an iPhone 6S that will use Aluminum on the outside.

We reported earlier on this year that the next iPhone could come in models that cost $10,000 or more on release. Those would, like the Apple Watch, be the Edition versions. After the release of the iPhone 6S, we can be sure that they don’t exist.

Instead we found out that the iPhone 6S will cost the same as the iPhone 6. It will be, on contract, $199 for the base model with $100 extra for a memory upgrade, or a boost to the iPhone 6S Plus. Those looking to really make a splash with their smart phone will have to go to a third part in order to show off their wealth.

iPhone 6S colors aren’t changing (much)

The leaks from the supply chain were right, and we are getting a Rose Gold option on the iPhone 6S. The color will mirror that offered on the Apple Watch, but Apple  isn’t changing the other colors to match.

We thought that Apple would forego Space Gray on the iPhone 6S in order to bring Space Black, the color the Apple Watch comes in, to its smart phone. That was wrong. The iPhone 6S will come in a gold option as well as silver, rose gold and Space Grey.

We’re only getting two iPhones

There’s rumors that Apple is working on a less expensive 4 inch iPhone, but we didn’t see it on Wednesday. We might see another iPhone early next year according to some rumors, but it seems that Apple has pulled away from the idea.

For now it’s clear that Apple is only going to sell two versions of the iPhone 6S for the time being. Whether or not the firm tries to expand sales by breaking into the low-priced market is not clear, but it didn’t work out all that well the last time, and Tim Cook and his team may be shying away from lower margins even as growth seems to slow.

iPhone 6S sales are still a mystery

We’ve reported a lot on the various forecasts for sales of the iPhone 6S. For the most part it seems that Wall Street will be happy if the firm posts small growth in this cycle, though some analysts have said that Apple will be able to grow in the year ahead.

We’ll have to wait until Apple reveals its numbers for the third and fourth quarter before we find out whether any of those on Wall Street were right on those sales numbers.

Sherri Scribner of Deutsche Bank reckons that sales will be flat or lower over the next year, while some analysts, including Gene Munster, think Apple will still be able to grow in the year ahead. We’ll have to wait and see the real numbers in order to decide who was right. For now, we can bask in the iPhone 6S specs, and wait for the iPhone 6S release date.

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