Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) “Stealth Product” is Coming: Trip Chowdhry


Apple Inc.   has something revolutionary in the works, but it’s not clear what it is. That’s the gist of what Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research published in an urgent note on Thursday. Chowdhry says that the device might be totally gesture controlled, but he doesn’t know what it is just yet.

Apple Inc, New Product


Mr. Chowdhry says the new device could be something completely different, and he’s calling it Apple’s “Stealth Product.” Chowdhry says it could be “the next generation of some computing device.”

Apple has a new product in the works

Here’s the details that Chowdhry says he put together from his research. The device will have a 27″-50″ curved display that will act as a heads up display. He says the product looks like a car windshield. He says the release of the product does not seem to be coming any time soon.

The analyst said that he found the info in his search for the reasons behind Apple’s real estate push in the Bay Area. He says that the firm has leased or bought huge amounts of space and “It is very difficult to get Office Space…which Apple has not already leased or owns.”

The firm has some disguised buildings in Sunnyvale-Santa Clara that he reckons are being used to develop the new product, though it’s still not clear what it is.

We’ve seen some concepts of the Apple   Car with info presented on the glass, and sensors that will be used to interact with it. The curved display that Mr. Chowdhry says that Apple is working on seems to fit that mold, but there’s too little information to make a clear guess about the product.

Is this the Apple TV?

Apple, it appeared earlier this year, has stopped its work on a full TV screen, but the device that Mr. Chowdhry describes could be another attempt by the firm to capture the living room market. Apple has put off its release of the set-top-box Apple TV this year, and it has also pushed back the rumored release of a full TV service.

Apple  is a huge concern, and the firm is working on many different products and concepts at all times. It’s not clear if the curved display described in the Global Equities Research report is going to be a full product, part of something else like an Apple EV, or just a project the firm is using to test out some of its tech.

We don’t know much about the new Apple product just yet, but today’s report may be the key to sending other Wall Street analysts looking for info on it.

The device sounds interesting, and anything from Apple is bound to generate huge hype. If whatever the firm is working on comes to market, Wall Street may think twice about driving down the price of the firm’s shares as they worry about future sales of the iPhone and a lack of growth at Tim Cook’s firm.

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