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The end of July brings us a month closer to the unveiling of Apple Inc.’s highly awaited iPhone 7. Although not much of a change is expected with the product’s overall appearance, there are a few exciting features being talked about right now. The coming weeks should reveal just how close the rumor mill is from the truth. However, until the U.S. tech giant makes the device’s official unveiling, all iPhone fans have to go on are alleged leaks and expert comments.

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Apple revealed yet another quarter of decreased sales this week. It is hoped that the 2016 iPhone will put an end to the downward trend seen on the company’s handsets. With alleged features such as wireless charging and improved speeds, many fans are already set on getting themselves an upgrade. Here is a brief overview of what is being said about this year’s possible releases. There is only opinion and hearsay to go on, but while Apple remains tight-lipped, the talks certainly add some excitement during the long wait.

Apple Switches things up

No official comment has been made on what the tech world mostly refers to as then iPhone 7. However, if the company’s traditions are anything to go by, then the gadget should drop in September. Over the years, Apple has made Fall its new release season and this year the next edition of the iPhone should be dropped along with a new Apple Watch.

However, recent reports have fans looking forward a slight deviation from the iPhone’s traditional title. Rather than the iPhone 7, some outlets expect the release of the iPhone Pro. News of a similar switch cropped up regarding the second edition of the company’s Watch. It is reported by some to be an S upgrade. Apple is said to mostly be focused on fixing the many hiccups and flaws of the first generation Watch, release almost 11 months ago. Those looking forward to the new device should not be surprised if it is titled the Apple Watch S.

Regardless of what these two products will be called, they are both expected to be crammed with a heap of new features.

A sound improvement

The most prominent rumor circulating this year’s iPhone is that it will be without a traditional audio port. It’s removal will allegedly help Apple shave a few millimeters off the product. It should help make the device a lot more resistant to water as well. However, the more Apple-savvy experts believe Apple is simply trying to switch things up. The company has never shied away from exclusivity when it comes to its devices and removing the audio port would certainly play into its obsession with minimalism.

Waterproofing for Apple gadgets

Another consistent rumor regarding the iPhone 7 is its enhanced waterproofing. Sources claim that the device will be instilled with a water resistance level of IP68. This will allow the 2016 iPhone to be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. Users of the iPhone have long been complaining about the product fragility. It appears that Apple is finally taking measures to address this. Forums have many users of the company’s Watch saying the same about its poor durability. Rumors claim that this year’s edition will be a lot more resistant to water as well.

New cameras

The Plus version of the 2016 iPhone will flaunt a slightly more powerful dual-lens camera, sources claim. Other than this, if there is a change in camera quality, fans of the iPhone should not expect much of a camera upgrade this year.

While on the subject, the next Apple Watch could be getting a camera as a well. Some reports even speak of a dual-camera setup. It would allow the timepiece to make video calls and take selfies. Other features of the watch include GPS and some pretty impressive screen tech.

More storage from Apple

Those looking forward to getting their hands on the new iPhone shouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t 16GB available for purchase. Apple is said to be doing away with the version. Another one of the more common complaints about the iPhone its rigid storage. 16GB was quite a lot several years back. However, with 4k images and standard videos that consume around 200MB per minute, the 16GB has become very limiting. This is worsened by the fact that iPhone does not accommodate a MicroSD card for expanded storage. So, away goes the 16GB version.

The rumors seem to suggest that future generations of Apple Inc. gadgets will be more yielding to Apple demands. It will be interesting to see just how from the truth they all actually are.

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