Evidence Suggests Apple Inc. (AAPL) Fancies Fresh Faces Over Experience

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Apple Inc. ’s top engineer JK Scheinberg, who helped get Mac OS running on Intel processors, was a little restless after his retirement from the company in 2008. So, he decided to try his luck at a Genius Bar, but to his surprise, he was refused a job, as described by The New York Times in a weekend Op-Ed about ageism in the workplace.

Does Apple want only fresh and young faces?

Scheinberg (54) decided to enter the workforce again after his retirement. For him, the Genius Bar – Apple’s retail tech support unit – seems a good fit. Scheinberg discovered that all the other candidates for the interview were half his age. “On the way out, all three of the interviewers singled me out and said, ‘We’ll be in touch,’ ” he said. “I never heard back.

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Apple Inc. would have very lucky to have Scheinberg fixing iTunes problems, to sync iCloud with their MacBook, and point them all in the right direction when they were confused, but unfortunately he is too old for them. “Veteran workers can bring deep knowledge to the table, as well as well-honed interpersonal skills, better judgment than the less experienced and a more balanced perspective,” notes NY Times.

Scheinberg not getting selected for the Genius job, is not entirely shocking. Apple has always given the impression that it is a young man’s business. Even Apple Stores give the same impression.

The main obstacle here actually is the rising concern with ageism in the workplace. As tech is becoming an important part of our daily lives now, it appears that the industry is struggling to accommodate the aging workforce, notes the Next Web.

Ageism – a big problem in tech industry

The New York Times op-ed points to the age difference in the workplace as well. They indicated that the women face discrimination in their workplace from the age of 32. The women employees start getting passed over for promotions, increasing the pay gap. The only way to fix this problem is that the companies must end their prejudices and befriend the olds.

Since long, ageism has been a subject of debate. But, what matters to the customers eventually is getting their machines fixed quickly, and they do not care who does it, how old he or she is, or something else.

“Age discrimination in employment is illegal, but two-thirds of older job seekers report encountering it,” says NY Times.

We have come to a point where some of the aging employees have worked their complete life in technology. For them, this is a lifestyle not a leaned skill. But, the industry does not acre for them. It is good to know that Scheinberg just wanted the job more as a hobby, and not as a way to earn money.

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