Amazon Inc. (AMZN) Let’s You Chat With Your Hyundai Genesis G90 via Alexa

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Amazon Inc.  is fast proving its relevance in the automotive industry, and the new partnership with Hyundai aptly proves this. Using Amazon’s Echo speakers already linked to the Alexa system, owners of the new Hyundai Genesis G90 car can issue voice commands to their car right from inside their rooms and get the car performing specific tasks, USATODAY writes.

Amazon Echo

Innovation from Amazon and Hyundai

So if you have always hated the idea of going to your car garage to achieve anything with your car, you’re in for a great ride with the latest innovation from Hyundai and Amazon’s Alexa. By just speaking the words, you can get your car’s engine to start; run the air-conditioner; switch on/off the headlights; honk the horn; lock/open the doors; set off the alarms; put off the engine and perform sundry tasks with your car – without necessarily leaving your rooms.

To get your Hyundai Geneis G90 car to respond to your voice commands, you could speak into the speakers of your Amazon Echo by saying “Alexa, tell Genesis to start my car and keep it running at 75 degrees” and you might say something like “Alexa, tell Genesis to flash its headlights…lock up its doors…run its air-conditioner” or anything you know the car has been programmed to do via voice commands.

Hyundai makes a statement with its own luxury brand

To underscore its achievement at launching its first prestige sedan, David Zuchowski, president and CEO of Hyundai Motors America proudly said “We’ve paid our dues and the time is right” for presenting the new Genesis G90 to the public, The Globe and Mail reports.

Considering the elegant features and inbuilt luxury of the Hyundai’s Genesis G90, its value is further heightened by Amazon’s  Alexa and the immediate response the car has to voice commands at a considerable distance and in the face of physical barriers such as building walls.

Hyundai prides itself on being the first to unveil car voice commands using Amazon’s Alexa via Amazon Echo, and it noted the Genesis G90 is a perfect blend of luxury and latest technology. “Time if the ultimate luxury,” added Barry Ratzlaff, Hyundai’s executive director of digital business planning and connected operations.

How to activate voice commands for your Genesis G90

Using voice commands with your new Hyundai’s Genesis G90 is not automatic or granted; you have to register for the feature to be operative. You can do this by simply connecting your Amazon

account with your Genesis connected services account (which is free for the first three years). The feature will then be activated and you can start using voice commands to boss your car around as much as you want.

To fully break this down, you must own the Amazon’s Alexa personal digital assistant and enabled on the Echo portable speakers. Using your iOS, Android smartphone or Amazon Fire devices, you can integrate your Genesis skill together with the Alexa mobile app on your mobile device or any other third-party devices. Link Alexa with Hyundai’s Connected Services and you will receive a PIN to enable you connect personally with your Genesis G90 – and then you’re set to start issuing commands which your car must of necessity learn to obey.

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