Alphabet Inc (GOOG) Won’t Just Read Emails, It’ll Reply

Alphabet Inc (GOOG) Google

Alphabet Inc ,  is set to unleash new AI bots that will reply your emails on your behalf. Google’s new AI will move users one-step closer to Zero Inbox by reading and replying to mails when a user can’t attend right away. In a statement released on Tuesday, the firm said is about to release Smart Reply which is an inbuilt machine learning program that will craft emails for users via Gmail apps.

Alphabet Inc (GOOG) Gmail Smart Reply

Later this week users who have the inbox email programs on their Android or iPhone gadgets will have the new option when replying to emails. Rather than coming up with their own replies when using their mobile phones, they will have the option of choosing among three options made by Google researchers. The firm claims it has built an AI system that is able to read new mails, understand them and spawn a short, apt reply that the receiver can send or edit with a click.

Google’s previous work on AI

Alphabet’s Google rolled a new set of tools to make it easier for Gmail to deliver you the mail that you need and not spam. The Gmail Postmaster tools are aimed at aiding qualified high-volume senders’ review their emails, including reputation reports, spam reports and data on delivery errors.

Over the past ten years, the AI neural network that made Alphabet’s Gmail smart became even smarter. The firm’s product manager, Sri Harsha claimed that the average the spam content in the average Gmail inbox has been reduced to less than 0.1%. He added that the volume of unwanted mail found in the spam folder was even less at 0.05%.

Alphabet is miles ahead of the in AI

Alphabet like other firms such as Apple, Microsoft and Facebook is investing big money in enhancing AI as a way of helping clients handle the information glut coming at them via their many devices. Apple’s, Siri, is the most popular voice assistant. Siri is on all iPads and iPhones and each new version of the iOS comes with a smarter savvy Siri to the tech world.

Siri does a good job of parsing words to text, but she does not always get the users meanings right. Many users with a discernible accent have complained about Siri failing to understand that they are speaking English – with an accent. Cortana is Microsoft’s assistant. She is good at her job and appears to be smarter than Siri because she offers contextual search on Windows 10. Still, she lags Google Now on matters of speed tests.

Despite the less inspired name “Google Now”, Alphabet may have the smartest voice assistant. The firm added better neural acoustic models to the voice search tool that are accurate, even in noisy environments and are very fast. Google Now is available on Google app for Android and iOS, it works with selected third party apps and handles dictation. This cross-platform nature makes sense to users, whatever their choice of OS. For this reason, Google Now is giving Cortana and Siri a run for their money.

Now, Alphabet is bringing its smart bots to bear on Gmail and it is only a matter of time before Google Now and the AI in Gmail are merged into a single personal assistant. The firm’s researchers said they found the AI model could recall facts, understand contexts and perform general reasoning, which are useful in replying to emails.

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