Alphabet Inc (GOOG) Leads Self-Driving Car Race While Driving Too Slowly

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Alphabet Inc ,  has its hand it many pies ranging from search engines to extending human life, drones, AI, and self-driving cars among other things. The firm seems to record decent success in most of its projects despite the multiple fronts on which it operates. The latest news has it that its Google self-driving car project leads the world as the most advanced self-driving car tech based on a new report that was released by IHS.

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Google Self-Driving Car

Google has taken a radical approach to building self-driving cars – an approach that doesn’t make failure an option. The idea of self-driving cars has been around for decades but it seems that nobody in the autospace was ready to take the leap of faith. The best techs that major players in the auto market created were driver assist systems that helped drivers perform some functions such as auto-braking.

Chris Urmson, Director of self-driving cars at Google of has noted that upgrading driver assist tech won’t give birth to self-driving cars. He says, “wisdom would say that we’ll just take these driver assistance systems and we’ll kind of push them and improve them, and over time, they’ll turn into self-driving cars. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s like me saying that if I work really hard at jumping, one day I’ll be able to fly.”

IHS confirms Alphabet’s lead in self-driving space

The IHS report that was released on Thursday has confirmed Alphabet ‘s lead in the self-driving space. The report says, “Google leads the revolutionary approach and will have a major impact in the coming years… no other company has as much relevant technology to advance autonomous driving software.”

The report goes on to explore the aspects that gives Google’s self-driving car project an edge over the other players in the market. It was noted, “the key to self-driving cars is a software that can interpret all of a vehicles’ sensors and learn to mimic the driving skills and experiences of the very best drivers… Google also has the ability to leverage adjacent technologies and learnings from its other projects– including robotics, drones that help automotive operations, such as neural networks, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and machine vision”.

Google self-driving cars haven’t gotten a ticket

It is no longer news that Google’s self-driving cars are cruising the streets of Austin, Texas, and the city around its Alphabet HQ. On Thursday, the Mountain View Police pulled over a Google’s self-driving car that was going at 24 mph in a 35 mph zone. The cops pulled the car over to know why it was driving slowly and he educated the operators about impeding traffic.

Google quipped that, “driving too slowly? Bet humans don’t get pulled over for that too often”. The cops didn’t seem to find a good enough reason to book the car for a traffic offense. To its credit, the self-driving cars in Google’s fleet have logged 1.2M miles (the same as 90 years of driving for an average person) and the cars have never gotten a ticket.

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