Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) Says Hello to Allo, Finds a Head for Project Loon

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)
Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has a division it simply calls X. One of the projects run under this is ‘Loon’. That project now has a new leader in Tom Moore. Recently the firm’s divisions other than Google seem to be in the news regularly. We just read about Daydream, which may have exclusive content. It was also expected that something about project Nest would be discussed at the most recent annual meeting of shareholders as the news of their head leaving had hit the headlines. As for Daydream, it may even have popular sporting channels NBA and MLB as per The Country Caller.
Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)

Alphabet Inc Takes to the Skies to Get the World Online

Tom is the co-founder of WildBlue Communications (acquired by ViaSat in 2009). He will take over the role formerly held by Mike Cassidy. The head of ‘X’, Astro Teller, said: “Tom’s valuable industry experience will help launch us into the commercial stage. We’re looking forward to working with telcos around the world to integrate Loon with their networks.”

Moore said: “Billions of people still lack cheap, reliable access to the educational, cultural, and economic opportunities of the Internet. This is largely due to the costs and problems of connecting rural and remote parts of the globe. The world needs fresh approaches like Project Loon. It can help get by terrestrial obstacles like hills and jungles. It has made far more progress than anyone would have expected.” The division also said that the project’s balloons have traversed over 17 mn kilometers. Some of these balloons have stayed afloat for over 100 days. There is also a test site in Puerto Rico which has the capacity to launch balloons on every thirty-minute intervals.

Say Hello to Allo

Stocks Daily reports that the firm may be working on a new messaging app. Latest rumors about Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)‘s Google Allo, the upcoming text messaging app from the firm indicate that it will come with an end-to-end encryption feature. To have the highest security, identity keys will also be given to those taking part in the chat. The notifications from these conversations will not show a preview of the messages coming in real-time. Under this mode, Google Assistant will have no access to the conversations. The messages will completely and automatically be deleted from the system regularly. Users can modify the timeframes anytime.

It is also believed that Google Allo will be fused with Google Assistant. So, Google Assistant can also serve as a chatbot on the app. Users will be able to ask the virtual assistant to look up things on the web. Google Assistant may also be able to transcribe the user’s commands. It will also be able to process search requests when a user is online. Other rumors say that users cannot get their existing messages and conversations if they open their accounts on other devices. Also, all data will be erased once they remove the app from their devices.

Some people also think that Google Allo and Google Duo may sooner or later become the default communication apps on Android. They will then oust the likes of Google Hangouts and Google Messenger. This will be very interesting to see. The two emerging apps are going head-to-head against iMessage and FaceTime, the default communication apps of Apple. It is important to note that all these rumors are simply as per the ongoing beta tests. Whether these are true or not, users will have to find out once Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) officially launches Google Allo.

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