Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR): Donald Trump’s 7 Twitter Tips and Tricks

Twitter Inc. (TWTR) Monetizing US Presidential Fund Raising

Donald Trump is, at least for now, the king of Twitter, Inc. . The Republican Presidential candidates presence on the social media site is widely reported on a daily basis, and it’s making it look like he has a shot at the US Presidency.

Donald Trump - King of Twitter
Donald Trump is the King of Twitter

Donald Trump may not win, and he may not even get nominated, but that doesn’t mean that his use of Twitter over the last few months can be ignored. Mr. Trump, regardless of the commotion he’s caused since jumping into the race, is being heard, which is more than you can say the other candidates.

A new survey from TalkWalker shows the massive power that Donald Trump has on Twitter . Here’s a look at 8 tips and tricks that Donald Trump uses on Twitter, and why he has more followers than you do.

1-Be unpredictable

If you post pictures of your dinner on Twitter every day, don’t expect to attract too many new followers. People don’t sign up to Twitter in order to see the same thing over and over. They’re looking for something new every single minute. Donald Trump gives them that.

There are thousands of people following Donald Trump that wouldn’t vote for him in a million years, but they’re waiting to hear what he’ll say next. Trump’s Twitter account has 3.45m followers. The survey from TalkWalker showed that 90 percent of those are real people. Hillary Clinton’s account data shows that just 65 percent of her followers are real.

2-Make them laugh

This isn’t exactly a secret, but so many people on Twitter get this very very wrong. Donald Trump makes people who agree with him laugh, and he makes those that think he’s entirely wrong laugh harder.

One of Trump’s quips: “I am a handwriting analyst. Jack Lew’s handwriting shows, while strange, that he is very secretive—not necessarily a bad thing.” Mr. Lew is known for his odd signature which adorns every bill printed in the US today.

In order to build out a list of followers, you need people to retweet what you say. There’s only a few categories of Tweet that people are likely to take and send on to their friends. Jokes are one of the most popular, but most people aren’t able to make them. You need to learn that quickly, and stick to Tweeting what you’re good at.

3-Tweet things people can’t say

This isn’t about Tweeting racist or homophobic messages. People sometimes use Twitter to communicate things they might not feel comfortable saying out loud themselves. This is why graphs and other infographics can be so popular on Twitter . Donald Trump attracts people because he can say things in ways they can’t.

Trumps followers regularly re-tweet his texts with their own voice added. It’s a quote for a new era, and it’s working for Trump. Since June 16 his Tweets have been sent on more than 1.86 million times.

You might not have agreed with Trump when he said “@Macy’s is a big contributor to @PPFA . Anybody against Planned Parenthood should boycott racial profiling Macy’s,” but for the 1,300 people that retweeted it, it resonated in some way.

Use Twitter to say things that people want to say but can’t find the words to say. That’s how Trump gets so many retweets. Depending on some of your friends, however, you might want to skirt some of the topics he chooses. There’s a reason he’s in a feud with Macy’s after all.

4-Seed the pot

Donald Trump’s Twitter bursts don’t make it on their own. Like other public figures, he has a team taking care of his image. You can argue about the job they’re doing, but you can’t argue about whether they exist.

Corey R. Lewandowski is Mr. Trump’s campaign manager, Hope Hicks is his press officer and Amanda Miller does his marketing. These are the people that make sure that Donald Trump is heard across the social media space.

FiveThirtyEight‘s Nate Silver has shown that Donald Trump gets an outsized share of media coverage in the campaign, and that’s spurring public interest in his candidacy.

Maybe you can’t afford a full team, but you can’t expect to be heard without hustling by yourself. If you really want to be heard on Twitter , you might want to buffer your list of followers in order to make sure that something you say catches on.

This can be done without needing to pay for it, but it should be done in a way that doesn’t alienate your friends and family.

5-Tell a story

People can’t follow random tidbits, they can only follow a story. The story that Donald Trump is telling is simple. Maverick goes up against the establishment and runs for election. We’ve all seen films like that, and the election cycle is a story that’s already ingrained into us.

Though the polls show that Mr. Trump is ahead of the pack, it seems clear that his chances of becoming president are questionable. We saw a lot of Republicans reach the top of the primary pile in the last two elections, and very few of them were able to last the distance.

What Mr. Trump is doing is what you’re failing to do. People don’t want a random collection of things. They want a story. Give it to them and you’ll see a whole lot more engagement on Twitter.

6-Tweet about Donald Trump

If all else fails you can follow Donald Trump’s lead and just Tweet about well known figures all day long. The US, and the world, is in the midst of an unhealthy obsession with celebrities, including those that have done little of note. Donald Trumps tends to spew multiple Tweets a day about what he thinks about Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, or both.

On Wednesday Mr. Trump sent out the following: “Many of Hillary’s donors are the same donors as Jeb Bush’s—all rich, will have total control—know them well.” He followed that up with “Do you notice that Hillary spews out Jeb’s name as often as possible in order to give him status? She knows Trump is her worst nightmare.”

You may not be able to claim that Hillary is talking about Jeb to distract attention from your campaign, but you could say something about Donald Trump that people can’t help but retweet.

7-Be someone worth listening to

Some people love Donald Trump, and some people hate him, but it’s clear that he’s worth listening to. His words, and words about him, were listened to long before Twitter. In order to keep a following, you need people to want to listen to you.

Saying that you think Macy’s is letting down the fight to keep immigrants out of the USA will likely make half of your followers drop you. For Donald Trump that drew much more attention to his online presence.

People listen to Donald Trump, even when he says things they don’t want to hear, because they think he’s a person that’s worth hearing. You can’t build a whole life for yourself on Twitter . You need to be a successful person outside of the app in order to get people to really listen to you.

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