iPhone X, Note 8 and Pixel 2: 2017’s Top 3 Premium Smartphone Purchases

google pixel phone

The very best in smartphone tech is an allure few people can ignore. Corporations in the running for the number one spot in handsets this year understand the need to stand out. Depending on who you ask, three phone makers are in the running for the best smartphone of 2017. That list features Google, Samsung and Apple in no particular order.

The smartphone market can ready itself for a hot and steamy battle between the Apple iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. First to reveal itself is Samsung’s champion, a captivating Note living up to the expectations of the series.

Apple is about to follow suit with its iPhone releases. Those are ready to be seen on Tuesday, the 12th of September. However, the verdict is still out on whether the company’s newest and most premium 2017 handset will come alongside the two conventional upgrades.

What fans can certainly count on is a reveal event that features all three of the iPhones on the same night. What is unlikely, though, is all three of the new Apple phones being available to purchase at the same time. Whether it is due to supply constraints or strategic moves, the more premium iPhone X is likely to get to stores during the holiday shopping surge.

That would put the new Apple challenger head to head with Google’s answer to premium smartphones. The Pixel 2 range is due to arrive in October. All of these devices come slap-bang at the start of the Christmas quarter. The holiday shopping season will prove very competitive as smartphone giants vie for the most possible sales.

But how will these devices compare in a head-to-head comparison? Rumors and expert comments might have steered people onto their purchases already. That said, it is always nice to consider your buy beforehand. Here Learnbonds pits your favorite 2017 smartphones against each other, at least in writing.

Google Pixel Phone
Google Pixel smartphone

The screen tech

It is the number one thing that draws you in. With a smartphone, glancing at a vivid and inviting face can be love at first sight. Let us be clear here, every premium smartphone has to look great. There truly is no better selling point than initial appearance. This means screen technology has to be on point. An edge-to-edge display, or something very similar, tends to make up 99 percent of premium handset faces.

The king of smartphone display tech is Samsung. Hands down, the South Korean tech major has made headway in the realm of smartphone visuals. It has even forced other phone makers to follow suit. Apple comes to the table this year, too, unable to ignore the demand for brilliant colors and more durable screens.

The answer is OLED displays. Both Samsung and Apple’s premium offerings will house the screen tech this year. Google is not going that route this time around, sticking to the best in LCD. It is not an outright deterrent. That said, the Pixel 2 range can expect to lose screen tech nitpickers to its two biggest rivals.

IPhone clashes screens

We already know that the Galaxy Note 8 offers 6.3 inches of screen real estate. All of that display space surpasses Quad HD quality, too. Pixel density comes to 1,440×2,960. That is more than any other smartphone on the market, meaning Samsung once again leads the screen battle.

Google is better at keep people in the dark about its smartphone developments. The only given is that new Pixels will come out next month. The corporation is unlikely to make use of OLED this year, sticking to conventional LCD displays. That said, amazing graphics can be relayed with LCD, too. Apple has been using the screen tech on products leading up to the iPhone 7. Even the incoming iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will allegedly come with LCD displays.

Google is not hugely at a disadvantage here, but the notion today is that OLED is simply better, which is true. Tech lovers are also nitpickers by nature and the Pixels probably already score last place on this list. That’s not entirely based on the new Pixels’ lack of OLED displays, though. The first generation Pixels did not make as much of an impact on the market as Google hoped. While the upgrades might rake in more buyers this year, the Google Pixel is no iPhone or Galaxy handset yet.

Stepping up to the Samsung challenge, Apple is slapping an OLED screen on its new top-tier offering. The iPhone X sees many leakers and experts close to its supply assuring buyers about a 5.8-inch display. It will also be the first iPhone ever to welcome resolution of Quad HD. With the iPhone X, Apple Inc. can finally rid itself of complaints over not doing enough with its display technology.

Premium smartphone equal premium performance

Shopping in the high-end phone market means buyers can be sure they will get a great performer of a smartphone. That means less lagging, faster responses and more capabilities. For Samsung, all of that comes courtesy of an octa-core 835. This makes the Samsung device a powerful device, but Google just top it.

Reports insist the search engine giant will cram a new Snapdragon 836 chip. This relays Google’s seriousness to get a great phone out there. It is not likely to go unappreciated. For those seeking good, premium smartphones that holds nothing back on processing power, the Pixels are this list’s top pick.

The performance power of the in the iPhone X processor is essentially contested. Only Tuesday the 12th will reveal how far speculators are from the mark. What users can count on, though, is a quad-core chip with greater clock sleeps.

High-end Camera Purchases

For most people, premium smartphones double as high-end cameras, ever ready to capture moments with crystal clear quality. It was once just a nice add-on feature. Now, the quality of a smartphone camera has become a critical selling-point. The winner of the high-end handset war will be defined by its camera capability.

The Galaxy Note 8 is the phone to beat here. It houses a stunning series of snappers that live up to the photographic capabilities the series is known for. The iPhone X will have to respond with a similarly brilliant camera. Those close the gadget’s supply claim it will take 3D photos, too. Google is likely to do something similar with with its Pixel 2 range.

Word on the street is that the search engine giant will not revert to dual lens technology, though. Will this hurt sales? Perhaps. A generation of online picture and video sharers appreciate camera quality best of all. However, considering quality for price, the Google Pixel proves friendliest to the pocket.

Price of 2017’s top 3 high-end smartphones

Most critical of all is the price tag of these top-end gadgets. They set buyers back quite a lot. Samsung sells the units year after year, even though the iPhone is considered the most premium. The mark-up slapped on iPhones is massive, making the gadget the most profitable phone sold today. Google Pixel proves to be most affordable, undercutting the Note 8 by at least $200.

This year, Apple Inc. is expected to bump up prices a bit more. Buyers can expect to fork out $1,000 to $1,200 for the iPhone X. The 7S and 7S Plus are expected to be a $50 to $100 more than their conventional prices as well. Samsung’s Note 8 goes for $950. The larger Pixel 2 is unlikely to break to break $750, giving Google the pricing edge.

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