Inflation & The New Abnormal

The trend in headline inflation slowed last month, the Labor Department reports. Consumer prices rose 2.9% for the year through January—a slightly slower pace than the annual 3.0% rise as of December. […]

3 Steps To Avoid Indentity Theft

Identity theft happens when someone fraudulently obtains and uses your personal information (such as your name, credit card/bank account number and statement address), to steal money from your existing accounts or open new accounts in your name without your knowledge. […]

How to Profit from Changes in the Yield Curve

As I mentioned in my previous article, the yield curve depicts the relationship between interest rates and the time to maturity for a bond. While a steep yield curve can act as an embedded hedge against losses should interest rates rise, it is important to note that the shape of the yield curve can change. […]

Bond Mutual Funds: Winners and Losers Report

Fixed Income Mutual Funds have performed well over the last 30 days. All the major categories of bond funds rose in value, with the exception of Long-Term Government Bonds, which moved slightly down. The two highest performing fund categories were…. […]
Raymond James Bond Market Commentary

Raymond James Weekly Bond Market Update

Federal Reserve provided further policy easing this past week, this time through its communication strategy by increasing the time it conditionally expects to keep rates low, while also potentially signaling that QE3 may be warranted in the future. In its FOMC statement release, the Fed altered the language concerning… […]
iShared Bond Market Analysis

What the Bond Market Knows That You Don’t

On the back of improving US economic data, equities have rallied off of autumn lows, and yet US Treasury yields have continued to surf bottom with the 10-year note trading below 2% for the first time on record. Do US Treasury investors know something that equity investors don’t?… […]
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